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SOME TIPS ABOUT WHAT Your Taste in Music Says About Your Personality, In accordance with a fresh Study

Despite its sometimes dubious scientific basis, the personality testing industry rakes in around $2 billion annually telling companies their new hire can be an INFJ or revealing her HEXACO type. A fresh study suggests your businessmight have the ability to stretch your budget and just ask candidates about their taste in music instead.

Your taste in music does indeed hand out your personality.

We’ve all heard the favorite stereotypes about fans of certain forms of music. But are metalheads actually aggressive, classical music fans brainy, and emo kids susceptible to gloom? Can our taste in music suggest a lot more than our current mood or fashion preferences and say something concrete about our personalities?

To discover, researchers from Cambridge University and Israel’s Bar-Ilan University used an online quiz to extract home elevators the musical preferences and personalities greater than 285,000 study subjects from 53 countries (it is possible to try the quiz yourself here). In addition they set up an internet site where 71,000 visitors from 34 countries rated music clips and took a personality quiz.

The team used popular, scientifically validated frameworks for categorizing both music and personality. The aptly named MUSIC framework categorizes music using five dimensions: mellow, unpretentious, sophisticated, intense, and contemporary. The familiar Big 5 personality framework categorizes people in accordance with openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness.

Did the study team find any correlations between your kind of music someone enjoyed and their personality type? Yup, reported the researchers recently in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Extroverts around the world have a tendency to like upbeat, danceable contemporary music. If you desire to check if that job candidate (or potential romantic match) is really outgoing, require their opinion of Ed Sheeran.

Worried you could be hiring someone saturated in neuroticism? Take up a conversation about ’90s grunge. The analysis found fans of the Nirvana classic “HAS THE AROMA OF Teen Spirit”along with other intense music are higher in neuroticism normally. Those saturated in conscientiousness tended in order to avoid more intense music, however, so if you are searching for every ‘i’ to be dotted, maybe miss the guy who will come in wearing a Rage Contrary to the Machine T-shirt.

Searching for an agreeable type? Then placed on some Marvin Gaye and observe how they react. The researchers found a solid correlation between liking mellow music and being saturated in agreeableness.

Overall the researchers were surprised by simply just how much musical taste transcended borders and revealed personality. “We were surprised at only just how much these patterns between music and personality replicated around the world. People could be divided by geography, language and culture, but if an introvert in a single portion of the world likes exactly the same music as introverts elsewhere, that suggests music is actually a very powerful bridge,”study leader David Greenberg commented.

OK, maybe don’t hire predicated on musical taste alone…

I’m joking about selecting candidates predicated on their taste in music, needless to say. There are greater methods to suss out a candidate’s personality and skills, and the researchers are careful to caution these correlations are averages. You mustn’t pigeonhole anyone predicated on a common artist alone.

“Most of us have combinations of personality traits and combinations of musical preferences of varying strengths. Our findings derive from averages and we must start somewhere to begin with to see and understand connections,”Greenberg notes.

But this research — besides simply being truly a ton of fun — does claim that our instincts are basically right with regards to taste in music and personality. Everything you want to listen can really reveal a whole lot about you.

So when you shouldn’t cross off an applicant because of the favorite Spotify playlist (or write off a romantic date for that matter–take it from me, a mellow music type married to a metalhead), you may be pretty sure that whenever people inform you of their taste in music, they’re also letting you know something about their personalities.

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