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Sonos is reportedly creating a speaker that may beam sound in virtually all directions

Sonos is focusing on a fresh flagship speaker that may be a significant departure from its existing models, in accordance with The Verge. The publication reports that it has seen early images of a fresh high-end speaker with the codename Optimo 2. If its current design sticks, these devices will undoubtedly be encased in a dual-angled shell and you will be in a position to fire sound in almost all directions, including upwards. Its work-in-progress images apparently ensure it is look like as large as the Sonos Five, a vintage flagship released in 2015 that experienced an upgrade this past year. So when it happens, it’ll be available in monochrome.

Sources told The Verge that Optimo 2 could have twice the RAM so when much as eight times more flash memory than previous speakers, that could indicate that Sonos plans to aid it with updates for an extended time period. It has both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the latter only being within the business’s portable speakers right now. Sonos is reportedly also considering adding support for USB-C line-in playback. While Five also offers line-in playback capability, it supports sound input with a 3.5mm jack, not just a USB-C port.

In line with the features it’ll supposedly have, the Optimo 2 could possibly be Five’s successor. The publication says it’s one among a trio of new speakers Sonos happens to be developing, though, others being the Optimo 1 and 1 SL. Both of these other models is going to be smaller speakers, and the “SL” in the latter’s name means “speechless,” this means it wouldn’t include microphones and wouldn’t support voice control. Sonos has yet to verify that these models come in development, but we’ve reached out to the business and can update this post whenever we hear back.

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