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Sonys latest smartphone accessory is pretty cool

Sony has launched a smartphone cooling fan accessory thats made to lower the temperature of its Xperia 1 IV under intense gaming loads. The Xperia Stream offers an array of extra ports along with working as a cooling accessory. Its open to preorder now in Japan for 23,100 yen (around $162) with shipping expected on October 14th.

Desire to with these forms of accessories, that have also been made by famous brands Asus and Razer, would be to let a phones processor run at higher speeds for longer, by avoiding the forms of high temperatures that may result in performance throttling. Asus gets the AeroActive Cooler because of its gaming-focused ROG Phone lineup, while Razer recently released an RGB cooling fan thats made to be mounted on whatever smartphone you select.

The four ports on the underside of the accessory.

The four ports on the lower of the accessory.

Image: Sony

Cool air in, hot air out.

Cool air in, heat out.

Image: Sony

Sonys cooler plugs in to the Xperia 1 IV via USB, and will be offering four additional ports on its bottom side. Theres a USB-C port for charging, an Ethernet port for wired internet, a 3.5mm jack to add a gaming headset, and an HDMI port for outputting game footage to a capture card. The fans speed could be controlled automatically by Sonys software, or it is possible to fine-tune its RPM manually.

In addition to selling the Xperia Stream alone, Sony can be selling it in a lot of money named the Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition for 189,200 yen (around $1,330). The version of the telephone sold in this bundle has 16GB of RAM, up from the 12GB of RAM in the bottom Xperia 1 IV model. Its unclear when or if either the cooling fan or the Gaming Edition smartphone will undoubtedly be released in Europe or THE UNITED STATES.

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