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Soul Hackers 2 review a satisfying, unambitious adventure

Soul Hackers 2

Ringo prepares to unleash a Sabbath on her behalf enemies.

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Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) is really a long term game franchise in Japan. The series launched in 1987 with Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei and continues to be going strong today. Like Devil Summoner, the favorite Persona games certainly are a spin from SMT.

It could look like Im just performing a history of the games here, but I’ve a reason because of this exposition. Soul Hackers 2 feels as though a template created from the hallmark traits of all SMT titles. That is both bad and the good.

Ringo and Figue.

Your primary characters blink into existence at the start of Soul Hackers 2. Aion, a sentient AI that hides in the worlds data, creates Ringo and Figue to greatly help humans stop the finish of the planet. Once youre out in the town, you synergy with three devil summoners referred to as Arrow, Milady, and Saizo. Well skip any longer information regarding the games story concerning not spoil the knowledge for players.

Whats in a casino game

Its an easy task to summarize game mechanics for SMT games. You control a team of players who is able to summon devils. The devils have different powers that align with varying elements, such as for example ice, electricity, or fire. The demons you discover while exploring will sometimes join you for a cost. It is possible to fuse demons together to create new, better summons that you can control. Demons have their very own group of skills but may also inherit skills from those used to generate it.

Combine two demons to create a new demon with fusion.

When exploring a dungeon, you fight people and monsters to earn items and experience. Outside the dungeons, you speak to teammates, share meals, upgrade equipment, and fuse demons. Thats basically it. And, with several exceptions, thats the entirety of Soul Hackers 2.

For most, me included, the SMT games are enjoyable because of the combat mechanics. Plenty of crazy demons hold out every corner, which range from gross to cute, to fight and collect. That is no different in Soul Hackers 2.

Dungeons? Similar to fungeons! Ill see myself out

Ringo sends out your demons to scout and collect items once you enter a dungeon. Youll see them standing around looking forward to you as you explore. Speaking with them will provide you with to be able to recruit a fresh demon, something, or heal your party. Once a demon hits its top level, they’ll provide you with a present for the loyalty.

Fights are turn-based by design. Demons have strengths and weaknesses in line with the element charts. Not used to the series for Soul Hackers 2 may be the Sabbath mechanic. Hits on demon disadvantages summons a few of your demons to the sideline. By the end of the friendly turn, all sidelined demons put on to any enemy demons left standing. Its a satisfying combat mechanic that adds just a little flavor to each fight.

A demon on the receiving end of a significant Sabbath.

The dungeons in the overall game have several different purposes. The typical story dungeons are what youd expect wandering via an area rife with monsters, searching for a boss. However, you have the Axis dungeons.

Linked to the Aion main base, the Axis dungeons represent the human characters soul. As you develop deeper friendships together with your companions, it is possible to unlock deeper elements of their psyche to explore. Its a fascinating solution to grind for experience and move on to know the primary protagonists. Progress in these dungeons offers special skills to the average person you have already been exploring.

Hangin out; killin demons

Beyond dungeons, you may spend most of your time and effort shopping, performing demon fusions, or talking together with your companions. Social events pop-up at the bar around, offering more opportunities to deepen your bound together with your team. Also, your party can eat together at your hangout to provide the characters a combat bonus.

Sharing meals together with your friends.

Soul Hackers 2 may be the first SMT game on the existing generation of consoles. Its a good looking game, nonetheless it doesnt do much with the processing power it has available. Actually, without the voice acting and higher resolution graphics, this game will be right in the home on a mature handheld.

I’ve enjoyed my time with Soul Hackers 2. Im a fan of the SMT series dating back to to if they first found America. This game has, as weve discussed, all the top features of any SMT game. The entire problem isnt that its a negative game it just doesnt do much to stick out.

Is that bad? Definitely not. The story is interesting, the characters are likeable, and the voice acting is good. In the event that you benefit from the core game loop for the SMT games, you’re getting exactly that. Just dont expect an enormous new experience with lots of new gameplay concepts.

Rating: three stars out of five.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers 2 has gone out on August 26 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. Atlus provided us a PC code because of this review.

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