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Soul Hackers 2 Throws Players in to the Labyrinth of your brain

Soul Hackers 2 Throws Players in to the Labyrinth of your brain

by Joseph Luster September 20, 2022

soul hackers 2

In Soul Hackers 2, an artificial intelligence referred to as Aion gets wind of an impending calamity, and manifests itself into two parts named Ringo and Figue so that they can avoid the Great Ones arrival and divert this apocalyptic scenario. Accomplishing that is likely to be easier in theory, and its around the player to defend myself against the role of Ringo to locate key individuals and, if necessary (also it usually is!), Soul Hack them to revive their body and mind and enlist their assistance before its too late.

Dont allow number in the title fool you. While Soul Hackers 2 is definitely another entry in the RPG series, its not just one that will require any former experience with Soul Hackers or the Shin Megami Tensei franchise all together. Whether its your first-time crawling dungeons or youre a veteran of the unique make of demon-tinged role-player, it wont take you long to obtain familiar with what Atlus has cooked up because of this uniquely stylized and absorbing adventure in to the depths of your brain.

If youre here primarily for dungeon-crawling, Soul Hackers 2 has plenty to provide. As well as the main story dungeons youll be entering as you progress through the narrative, theres a location referred to as the Soul Matrix that serves being an optional, but crucial, little bit of the puzzle. You dont should do everything in the Soul Matrix, but dealing with the branching pathseach which correspond to among your key party memberswill unlock new items and portions of every characters story that you may otherwise miss. Completing and discovering these beats can pay off later, not only with regards to the level of which your party is powered up, but as a method to better understand a few of the late-game scenarios and character moments.

The dungeons themselves are fairly rote, so youre have to to really enter the battle system to understand them fully. The environments dont have much in their mind, and the Soul Matrix includes a couple of similar floors and pathways. Thankfully, the battle system is fun and an easy task to grab right way. If youve played a Shin Megami Tensei game before, the mixture of using demons to attack while also busting out your personal offensive will undoubtedly be familiar territory, as will the idea of exploiting weaknesses for an instantaneous reward by means of additional attacks that grow in power based on how many of these weakness it is possible to exploit in one turn. Youve got your usual range of demons and abilities, but little nuances and the addition of Sabbath Skills lead to a brand new and streamlined undertake the formula.

Beyond the nitty gritty of party tweaking and hours upon hours of dungeon exploration, the characters are ultimately exactly what will keep you returning to Soul Hackers 2 long enough to view it through to the finish. The story itself fits nicely into your average apocalyptic niche, however the cast is strong and their interplay is endearing throughout. Because you find yourself meeting the many members of one’s party within the initial handful of hours, you obtain a lot of time and energy to spend using them and raise the bonds in the middle of your protagonist and all of those other pack. The more you explore the many areas in both real and otherworldly locations, the more youll learn about your acquaintances and the higher your probability of survival will undoubtedly be as you gradually head toward tougher late-game challenges.

Soul Hackers 2 includes a lot to provide to your average RPG player, from the depth of its combatwhich youll get yourself a lot out of based on just how much time you spend money on leveling up all of the demons you discover and outfitting your party members in specific waysto the layered storytelling. When you might not need extensive understanding of the series to really get your foot in the entranceway of the followup, I wouldnt mind more down the road that ventures by way of a similarly dark and twisting alley.

Publisher: Atlus

Developer: Atlus

Systems: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC

Available: Now

Rating: M

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