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South Shields brickies popular

Brickwork Direct managing director Ken Collins (right) with his quantity surveyor Nick Wilson (left)

Brickwork Direct managing director Ken Collins (right) along with his quantity surveyor Nick Wilson (left)

Brickwork Direct has found 10m worth of work during the past six weeks alone that is a lot more than its entire 2021 turnover of 7.5m.

Brickwork Direct employs 25 staff at its headquarters in South Shields and contains near 200 bricklayers on its books. Clients include Gentoo, Keepmoat, Esh, Story Homes, Avant Homes and Partner Construction. Additionally it is a preferred contractor for Darlington Borough Council. It operates solely in the northeast region, from Alnwick right down to Teesside.

During the last six weeks, the business has found five sites for Miller Homes with a labour value of over 4.2m and four sites for Story Homes at Dunston, Alnwick, Darlington and Stockton. With others in the offing for Gentoo in Whitburn and Sunderland, it has secured projects with a complete labour value more than 10m.

Managing director Ken Collins is really a time-served bricklayer himself with an increase of than 40 years of experience in the trade. He worked as a sole trader on various schemes across Europe before establishing Brickwork Direct in 2003. He could be acquainted with the fluctuations of the.

By mid-September we shall have 50 squads of three staff (a labourer and two bricklayers) from site on numerous projects over the region and we’ve another 12 projects, mainly with housebuilders, prepared to negotiate, he said.

The marketplace was sluggish in the beginning of the year, he said, with the estimating team, led by quantity surveyor Nick Wilson, tendering for each project that came their way. These efforts are just now needs to pay back.

Even though cost of materials appears to have flattened out over time when some suppliers would only guarantee charges for a matter of a few days, you may still find challenges ahead, Ken Collins believes.

There exists a huge shortage of kiln-fired bricks, which will be the best you can purchase. Youre talking 700 per thousand in comparison to 400 per thousand for cold-cast concrete bricks. Then there’s the time it requires to obtain deliveries you may get a cold-cast brick to site in 10 days, nonetheless it takes a month to obtain a kiln-fired supply. So despite the fact that they’re of a substandard quality, and much more difficult to lay since they have a narrower edge, unfortunately they’re becoming typical.

I also think we have been considering a downturn in the not-too-distant future, therefore i am delighted with one of these recent wins although we have been still on the market pushing for another contract in order that I could keep as much of our bricklayers employed as you possibly can with the task we’ve already had confirmed.

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