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Southern California Inventor Marky Sparky Creates Solution for Archery Anywhere with All Fab & No Stab

Southern California Inventor Marky Sparky Creates Solution for Archery Anywhere with All Fab & No Stab

NORTH PARK, CA, August 15, 2022 –(–Marky Sparky, Inc. launches the Faux Bow PRO Recurve, bringing Archery Anywhere.

Marky Sparky is very happy to announce the launch of its latest Faux Bow PRO archery set, bringing archery anywhere, anytime. Rendering it accessible for several which consists of patented impact arrows featuring DOESNTMATTER Technology. Faux Bow Pro brings with it the entire connection with traditional archery, without the pointy tips and delicate arrows. The Faux Bow Pro uses an ultra-lightweight arrow that carries all of the speed and feel of a genuine arrow, with none of the kinetic energy, freeing it from the constraints of the number. Once we transition from toy bow and arrows to sporting good impact archery equipment, Marky Sparky is focused on buying the development of safer archery alternatives. Marky Sparky happens to be raising capital via crowdfunding to create its flagship Faux Bow Pro Recurve to advertise. Marky Sparky invites the city to back their mission to create Archery Anywhere possible.

Marky Sparky, Inc. was founded in 1996 in NORTH PARK, CA. Everything started with a Spark. In mind, Marky Sparky is really a toy/sporting goods company with the purpose of getting people moving, active, and outside. With influences extracted from their very own childhoods and inventive minds, their foundation is made on fun. Especially in todays world, where play is increasingly digital, they search for methods to encourage active play, coordination, fun, and laughter. As an organization, Marky Sparky sees taking Archery Anywhere with the Faux Bow Pro Recurve because the next big innovation in outdoor fun.

Mark Sparky Rappaport, inventor, founder, and CEO of Marky Sparky, Inc., said, I realized when I created this Faux Bow Pro that it had been something absolutely compelling. It offers you a geniune archery experience minus the danger and the intimidation of pointy archery. It is possible to take this bow and arrow set anywhere.

Creating this degree of powerful, highly engineered sporting equipment requires a thorough period of time and money to build up, test, launch, and scale. Marky Sparky is excited to be bringing the city in on the development process making use of their first crowdfunding campaign for the Faux Bow Pro Recurve.

About Marky Sparky Inc.

Marky Sparky is really a toy/sporting goods company that strives to create things you dont desire to deposit. Our goal would be to create toys and shoe that you could enjoy each day for years ahead. For more information about Marky Sparky, visit, and for the Faux Bow Pro, visit


Marky Sparky Toys

Scott Royce

Marketing Director

(800) 781-8110

Marky Sparky Toys

Scott Royce

(800) 781-8110



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