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SpaceX Starlink internet heads to first cruise lines

Passengers on Royal Caribbean cruise lines will be using internet powered by SpaceXs Starlink satellites.

Royal Caribbean said Starlink provides faster and much more reliable internet to its fleet of ships, which likewise incorporate those operated by Celebrity Cruises and Silversea Cruises.

The cruise operator may be the first in the market to partner with SpaceX because of its high-speed, low-latency broadband service.

Carrying out a successful trial of Starlink internet aboard the Royal Caribbeans Freedom of the Seas ship, the operator says it’ll start rolling out the service now and try to complete the procedure by the finish of March next year.

Starlink internet dishes on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.
Starlink internet dishes on a Royal Caribbean cruise liner. Royal Caribbean

Our purpose as an organization would be to deliver the very best vacation experiences to your guests responsibly, which new offering, that is the largest public deployment of Starlinks high-speed internet in the travel industry up to now, demonstrates our commitment compared to that purpose, Jason Liberty, president and ceo of the Royal Caribbean Group, said in a release shared on Tuesday.

Liberty added that SpaceXs Starlink service will improve and enable more high-bandwidth pursuits like video streaming along with pursuits like video calls.

Jonathan Hofeller, SpaceX vice president of Starlink sales, said the service allows cruise passengers to remain connected with an excellent internet experience.

And offering the type of informal take that youd expect from the boss of SpaceX, Elon Musk tweeted that Royal Caribbean ships were going to get yourself a kickass web connection.

Royal Caribbeans announcement comes nearly 8 weeks after SpaceX launched Starlink Maritime, which expands its service from land-based properties to ships sailing the high seas.

SpaceX can be putting its Starlink online sites in the skies, too, with Hawaiian Airlines recently revealing it had signed an agreement with Musks company to launch the service because of its airline passengers in 2023.

SpaceX is utilizing a growing constellation of small satellites to beam Starlink broadband to Earth. Up to now it has deployed a lot more than 3,000 satellites, which its using to serve a lot more than 250,000 customers globally. In addition, it really wants to use Starlink for connecting unserved or underserved communities all over the world.

Although it started with residential customers, these recent announcements are a sign of precisely how big SpaceX is likely to opt for Starlink. Indeed, Musk has said previously that Starlink could generate around $50 billion in annual revenue if its in a position to secure even only a few percent of the global telecommunications market in the coming years.

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