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SpaceX, T-Mobile for connecting Satellites to Cellphones in Remote Areas

SpaceXs Starlink faces safety complaints from China and rival companies. As Elon Musk says there’s a lot of room in space and the race to expand satellite internet networks gets hotter, WSJ talks about the risks they might pose. Originally published 1/10/2022. Photo Illustration: Sharon Shi

SpaceX and T-Mobile US said they intend to work together to utilize the rocket companys satellites to supply connections to T-Mobile cellphones over the U.S., even yet in remote areas without current wireless service.

The firms said Thursday that the brand new service use Starlink satellites that SpaceX plans to launch and offer connections to U.S. consumers using wireless spectrum controlled by T-Mobile. The firms said they intend to focus on a test of text-messaging services in select markets prior to the end of 2023.

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