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Special Fresh Start Worlds Events in RuneScape and Old School RuneScape Kicking Off Soon to Celebrate 300 Million Players

You understand, Ive hardly ever really gotten into any MMO before, mostly as the whole thing seems so intimidating. As a whole MMO newbie its tough to learn the place to start, which is a lot more true for MMOs which have been around for a long period and so are already extremely established. Well been with us quite a long time” is kind of an understatement for RuneScape, which includes been with us in a few form or another for a lot more than 20 years. It will come in two different flavors: regular RuneScape, that is pretty much the overall game after 20 years of progression and evolution; and Old School RuneScape that is, well, a far more old-school design of the overall game modeled after how RuneScape was circa 2007.

Anyway, being around for such a long time and all, RuneScape all together has just celebrated crossing the 300 million accounts mark. Pretty impressive! However now were back again to that whole thing about how exactly an MMO, especially one thats been with us for literal decades and contains multiple vast sums of players, could be sort of intimidating to find yourself in as a brand new player.

Well RuneScape developer Jagex has something of a remedy to this type of problem. In celebration of hitting that 300 million players mark, theyll soon be launching something called Fresh Start Worlds on both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. They are special limited time worlds where everyone who joins can make a brand new new character and which means everyone starts on a single level playing field. THE NEW Start Worlds could have their very own economy, items, events, and much more which are separate from the primary RuneScape progression.

Fresh Start Worlds will operate a little differently between RuneScape proper and Old School RuneScape. In RuneScape proper you will see accelerated character progression so all of the new players can level up at a good pace, and at any point through the 4-month Fresh Start Worlds event players may take their leveled up new character back to the standard RuneScape world with almost all their newly-earned goodies. This event will start in RuneScape on September 12th.

For Old School RuneScape, its Fresh Start World wont feature accelerated progression, and rather than 4 months the function will run for six months. You wont have the ability to take your brand-new Fresh Start character in to the regular game prior to the event has ended, however, and instead youll play out the complete 6 month event and that character will undoubtedly be transferred in to the regular game automatically to keep living an extended and happy virtual life.

Jagex is positioning the new Start World events as great jumping off points for completely new players, but additionally a great reason behind previous players who’ve lapsed to jump back and re-experience the fun of both RuneScape games on an even playing field. Im pretty psyched overall thing and I believe Ill utilize it being an excuse to enter my first ever MMO. In order to take a look aswell, both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape can be found on PC, iOS, and Android devices and you will find links to all or any of these on the games website.

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