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‘Splitgate’ will get into maintenance mode as 1047 Games progresses to a fresh shooter

Sci-fi arena shooter Splitgateexploded in popularity after it hit consoles last summer, 2 yrs after it debuted on PC. It racked up a lot more than 10 million downloads in the area of per month because of its mixture of Halo and Portal gameplay. The actual fact it’s free-to-play didn’t hurt. However, developer 1047 Games is currently winding down feature development, effectively putting the overall game into maintenance mode. Although Splitgate will re-locate of beta using its next update, that’ll be the game’s “last major iteration,” the studio said.

Splitgate became a lot more successful than 1047 expected. The studio attemptedto turn a “college dorm dream project right into a AAA game” which could compete with the largest titles around. “But this meant that as we’ve induced top-tier talent from over the industry, we’ve spent lots of our time attempting to rework old content and systems which were originally built by way of a couple of people,” 1047 wrote in a statement. “We have been, in ways, bailing water while also attempting to keep everyone who bought a ticket to board our ship happy, while also attempting to turn our boat right into a rocket ship.”

The studio is currently centered on its next project. It’ll again be considered a free-to-play shooter with portals and it’s really set in exactly the same universe. 1047 will build the upcoming game from scratch in Unreal Engine 5.

Meanwhile, Splitgate, which includes now been downloaded a lot more than 18 million times, will remain online for the near future. As a many thanks to players, 1047 will put in a free battle pass having an infinite amount of levels and new skins and characters once the final season starts on September 15th. 1047 will continue steadily to make fixes and roll out smaller updates for Splitgate, however the game won’t get any new features following the next big patch.

After consideration and far deliberation the 1047 team has determined that to be able to build the overall game that fans deserve also to build it in a manner that isnt attempting to retrofit our existing game we have been turning our attention from iterative, smaller updates and going all-in to spotlight a fresh game in the Splitgate universe that will present revolutionary, not only evolutionary, changes to the gameplay, 1047 Games CEO and Splitgate creator Ian Proulx said in a statement. Splitgate will stay online and supported for the dedicated community who’ve been the backbone of our studio from our earliest playtests on PC. Our community means everything to us and we cant wait to talk about whats next using them.

Meanwhile, within an FAQ, 1047 acknowledged that players put time, money and effort into acquiring skins along with other items. Although it shows that fans will not be in a position to carry those to another game, “you want to reward your time and efforts and amount of time in Splitgate and we take that seriously. How exactly we will do that’s not decided at the moment, but understand that it really is something we have been focused on once we discuss another game.” It is also not clear if the Splitcoin virtual currency will transfer over.

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