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Sports / Idol Anime Extreme Hearts Adds Two More Cast Members

SaKo, a member of team BanShee, sticks her tongue out of the corner of her mouth while preparing to bat in a baseball arena filled with fans in a scene from the Extreme Hearts TV anime.

Two new cast members have already been revealed for Extreme Hearts, a currently broadcasting original TV anime which includes a mash-up of athletics and idol culture in forseeable future Japan. The brand new cast members include:

  • Aiko Ninomiya as NaO, an associate of BanShee.
  • And Sayaka Senbongi as SaKo, an associate of BanShee.

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The story of Extreme Hearts is defined soon, once the hobby of “Hyper Sports” (which are enhanced with special gear and power-up items) is becoming popular among children and adults alike. The story targets Hiyori Hayama, another year senior high school student who initially does not have any link with “Hyper Sports”, but following a chance encounter this begins to improve as Hiyori and her friends grow closer and pursue their athletic dreams.

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Extreme Hearts is directed by Junji Nishimura and features screenplays by Masaki Tsuzuki and animation production by Seven Arcs. The series happens to be broadcasting In Japan on TOKYO MX and BS11, looked after streaming on Crunchyroll within the summer 2022 anime simulcast lineup.

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