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STEPHANIE HATZINIKOLIS Releases New Single Weed and Whisky

September 9, 2022Indie singer-songwriter Stephanie Hatzinikolis is thrilled release a her new single Weed and Whisky that is out now.

Stephanie says, The dark and moody groove filled with attitude Weed and Whisky, not merely represents the struggles of alcohol abuse and the decision to find the stark reality of sobriety, but it addittionally marks the one-year goal of sobriety for artist and singer-songwriter, Stephanie Hatzinikolis. Contemplating the necessity to make big changes, the track is really a comingofage story in a way, telling the struggles of isolation and depression while also acknowledging the normal trend of self-medication in modern life. Although mood may feel serious, the underlying message continues to be among hope as she invites the listener to take stock, accept responsibility, and turn towards the chance of building an improved life.

Stephanie Hatzinikolis can be an artist and songwriter with a concentrate on creating personal, yet catchy and mesmerizing indie pop rock. Hatzinikolis sound is heavily influenced by artists such as for example Elliott Smith, Sufjan Stevens, and Broken Bells, to mention a few. Being truly a survivor of a traumatic upbringing, Stephanie has found it super easy to get embroiled in alcohol abuse as a distraction.

In September 2021, Hatzinikolis made the non-public choice to try a complete year completely sober to boost her mental and physical health. She’s shared her sobriety story and all of the obstacles she’s faced on the way on social media marketing, where she actively tries to inspire and support fans within their own struggles. Marking her sobriety goal of 1 year, Hatzinikolis has released the song, Weed and Whisky, a dark and moody groove filled with attitude.

Much like all her music, Stephanie aims to greatly help others to feel understood, loved, and much more optimistic about themselves and their lives.

Weed and Whisky has gone out everywhere at

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