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Stephen A. Smith RELEASE A Straight Shooter Memoir In2023

Stephen A. Smith is defined to reveal information on his upbringing and career journey in a fresh memoir. Based on the Associated Press, the acclaimed journalist and commentator is defined release a Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes in 2023.

This book is really a very long time coming. Because of my fixation on privacy regarding my own life, it took lots of time, and lots of prodding by family members, to finally get me to get this done, Smith explained in a statement.

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But when i once told my Mom, if Im likely to write a book, Ill be damned if Im holding back, he added. Im likely to speak my truth, say what I must say, just so everyone understands where I stand and just why. I understand Ive done that in this book. I had to take action eventually. It had been time. Regardless of the results.

The book will share stories about growing up poor in NEW YORK, his early career experiences as a journalist, and explore Smithslong history of speaking his mind.

Stephen A. Smith recently returned to First Take following a 3-week hiatus from shoulder surgery. On his first day back on set, he joined Molly Querim and Michael Irvin and filmed segments of while riding a boat down the Hudson River.

The sports television personality was greeted with a welcome back video from University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban who has been championed by Smith in his analyst career.

Stephen A., we all have been happy to perhaps you have back on First Take after your surgery, and were pleased you do well, Saban said. But, there’s some question about how exactly much time do you want off. Now, I had my hip replaced, and I was back at the job the very next day. I realize they dont make sure they are like they used to, plus some people can do anything to obtain a day off. But, all the best and God bless, my pal.

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