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Steps to make Windows Terminal Your Default Terminal App

How to Make Windows Terminal Your Default Terminal

Windows opens all command-line tools in the old Windows Console environment. However, you may make Windows Terminal your default Terminal app once you launch Command Prompt or PowerShell.

THINKING ABOUT Switch to Windows Terminal?

Note: Windows 10 will not display the Set as Default option used here. By August 2022, there isnt a good way to switch to Windows Terminal on Windows 10.

Once you open a Command Prompt or PowerShell on Windows, each session begins in another window. Unfortunately, which means youll find yourself shuffling between multiple open windows on your own desktop.

Command Prompt and PowerShell windows open on a grey background.

Windows Terminal app opens in a tabbed view automagically similar to a browser does to assist you manage several command-line windows simultaneously. It is possible to run multiple cases of PowerShell and Command Prompt (CMD) in separate tabs if you would like.

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The Windows Terminal with three tab open.

Switching to the Windows Terminal app offers you usage of other features like themes, emoji support, multiple sessions, split panes, GPU rendering, and several other customizations. Such features probably wont ensure it is to the Windows Console.

Windows 11 uses the Windows Terminal app because the default command-line environment to open CMD, PowerShell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

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Steps to make Windows Terminal Your Default Terminal app

You have to download and install the Windows Terminal app in the event that you dont own it on your pc already. Windows 11 should automatically make Windows Terminal the default terminal application when it’s installed, but if it doesnt, it is possible to change it out manually.

Launch the Windows Terminal app, choose the down-arrow menu, and click Settings. Or, it is possible to press Ctrl+, (comma) to open Settings directly.

Go through the drop-down for Default Terminal application and choose Windows Terminal from the list.

The Windows Terminal app uses the Windows PowerShell profile automagically once you launch the app.

Windows PowerShell will be the default profile in Windows Terminal.

However, it is possible to switch it to perform another shell profile instead. For that, click on the drop-down for Default profile to select between Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, or Azure Cloud Shell.

Note: There could be additional possibilities, depending on whether you have installed any extra utilities.

There will be multiple profiles available. You'll have Powershell, Command Prompt, and Azure, at a minimum.

Go through the Save button to use the changes you made.

Thats it. Following this, once you open the Command Prompt or PowerShell,Windows will run the Windows Terminal app. The Windows Terminal app isnt only a functional upgrade on the old Console Host it is possible to customize how it looks, too.

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