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Unfortunately, GutterCon, Gutter Cat Gangs conference experience ended badly for an NFT holder, because they had stolen NFTs from their collection. @denniswbielik had stolen a Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, Doodles, RTFKT, Sappy Seals, Lazy Lions and Gutter Cat Gang NFT stolen.

GutterCon Stolen NFTs
Unfortunately for just one holder, that they had stolen NFTs when attending GutterCon. (via @bchillz42)

The Stolen NFTs

It is usually a sad thing to see someone get NFTs stolen. In this instance, @denniswbielik had stolen $100,000s worth of these, including some blue-chip NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Club, RTFKT, and Gutter Cat Gang.

This occurred as of this weekends GutterCon event by Gutter Cat Gang. Apparently, their phone was off, and the attack still happened. Beyond this, the telephone was close to @denniswbielik, answer GUY, whilst these were sleeping. However, unlike what’s recommended, the NFTs were only stored in MetaMask, not just a hardware wallet.

In reaction to a user asking why the NFTs were in a hot wallet, in the first place, they said: Honestly just hadnt moved it to my other wallet yet and was just stoked about GutterCon forgot to accomplish it before.

Currently, an incident has been filed with the NEVADA Police Department. Also, these were thinking, and the thing that could have already been possible was a TAGHeuer watch connected, that presents NFTs. Apparently, their developer friend thought that could have possibly been how these were hacked.

About GutterCon

GutterCon was Gutter Cat Gangs response to a conference for several of these holders to wait.

The two-day event has been hosted this weekend, starting yesterday and concluding tomorrow. The function featured a meetup, paintball, speed track, spa day, dinner, and a surprise event. And also this, there is also the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Needlessly to say in Vegas, fans were dancing through the entire night at a number of the varied events.

Many exclusive and limited posters were also open to a small amount of holders.

Generally, the function looked to be always a good one overall, however the stolen NFTs from @denniswbielik were a negative side to it.

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