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Street Fighter 6 is bringing the 80s (and feet) back

Here come some new challengers. By the end of EVO 2022s Street Fighter V tournament, Capcom revealed two more characters arriving at the roster of Street Fighter 6: Juri, the I could fix her returning fighter, and newcomer Kimberly, an 80s-obsessed teen.

Kimberly, the spunky new ninja, and Juri, the sadistic thrill-seeker, join #StreetFighter6 when it arrives in 2023! Spray cans, a portable cassette player, and motorcyles haven’t looked more fresh.

Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) August 8, 2022

Student of Guy and successor to the bushinryu tradition, Kimberly is spunky and colorful having an affinity for spray painting her enemies midmatch. Though Kimberly is really a teenager and Street Fighter 6 appears to be set in the existing day, shes enamored with everything 80s, carrying around a cassette player that some younger players probably wont even recognize.

Its like Capcom appreciates that, along with its younger audience, theres a particular subset of older Street Fighter players rising from their creaking knees and aching back considering the 80s with fondness. By doing so, Kimberly is really a send-up, a reminder of simpler times. In different ways, shes an extremely rude reminder that those happy days are up to now behind us given that current teenagers are adopting the aesthetic because its quaintly retro. Thanks, Capcom, for reminding me Im old.

Accompanying Kimberly in the type reveal is Juri, a character first introduced in Street Fighter IV. Juri arrives in flashy style having an homage to the Akira slide thats been having an instant lately, since it was also used to awesome effect in Jordan Peeles Nope. Juri seems a little edgier than Kimberly, stomping around her enemies in bare feet emphasized with techniques that could make Bob Odenkirk click like. Its always neat when companies seemingly embrace the thirst players have because of its characters.

Well obtain the possiblity to see more of Juri and Kimberlys stories when Street Fighter 6 launches on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation in 2023.

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