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Strengthening Hurricane Fiona heads north toward Bermuda

A man stands outside his house in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona in El Seibo, Dominican Republic
A person stands outside his house in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona in El Seibo, Dominican Republic.

Hurricane Fiona continued its slow and devastating march northward after slamming the Turks and Caicos Islands on Tuesday and leaving a trail of destruction in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

THE UNITED STATES National Hurricane Center (NHC) said Wednesday morning that the storm had grown stronger, registering maximum wind speeds of 130 miles each hour (210 kilometers each hour) since it barreled toward Bermuda.

The NHC said Fiona was 105 miles (170 kilometers) north of Turks and Caicos and have been upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane, the next highest level on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

“Swells from Fiona are anticipated to attain Bermuda by early Thursday. The swells might lead to life-threatening surf and rip current conditions,” the NHC said in its latest advisory.

At the very least five folks have died because the storm churned over the Caribbeanone in the French overseas department of Guadeloupe and two each in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

“Hurricane Fiona has shown to be an unpredictable storm,” Anya Williams, the deputy governor of Turks and Caicos, said in a broadcast.

Williams said no casualties or serious injuries have been reported in Turks and Caicos, but she urged residents to keep to shelter set up.

A young person rides his bicycle in Nagua, Dominican Republic
A person rides his bicycle in Nagua, Dominican Republic.

Blackouts were reported on Grand Turk and many other islands in the archipelago and 165 individuals were admitted to shelters, she said, adding that Britain’s Royal Navy and the united states Coast Guard are standing by to supply assistance.

Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader has declared three eastern provinces to be disaster zones: La Altagraciahome to the favorite resort of Punta CanaEl Seibo and Hato Mayor.

Authorities said Tuesday that a lot more than 10,000 people have been moved to “safe areas,” while about 400,000 are without electricity.

Footage from local media showed residents of the east coast town of Higuey waist-deep in water attempting to salvage personal belongings.

“It came through at high speed,” Vicente Lopez told AFP in Punta Cana, bemoaning the destroyed businesses in your community.

This undated handout photo shows members of the National Guard providing hurricane assistance in Puerto Rico
This undated handout photo shows members of the National Guard providing hurricane assistance in Puerto Rico.

‘I have food and water’

US President Joe Biden has declared circumstances of emergency in Puerto Rico and dispatched the top of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the island, that is still struggling to recuperate from Hurricane Maria five years back.

“We’re sending a huge selection of additional personnel to aid all affected communities,” FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell said Tuesday following a tour with Pedro Pierluisi, the island’s governor.

Pierluisi said the storm had caused catastrophic damage on the island of three million people since Sunday, with some areas receiving a lot more than 30 inches (76 centimeters) of rain.

Michelle Carlo, medical advisor for Direct Relief in Puerto Rico, told CBS News that “lots of people in Puerto Rico are suffering at this time.”

“About 80 percent of Puerto Ricans remain without power and about 65 percent are without water service,” Carlo said.

Major Hurricane Fiona
Map showing the projected path of Hurricane Fiona.

Across Puerto Rico, Fiona caused landslides, blocked roads and toppled trees, and bridges, Pierluisi said.

A guy was killed being an indirect consequence of the energy blackoutburned to death while attempting to fill his generator, in accordance with authorities.

On Monday afternoon, Nelly Marrero made her in the past to her home in Toa Baja, in the north of Puerto Rico, to drive out the mud that surged inside after she evacuated.

“Because of God, I’ve water and food,” Marrerowho lost everything when Hurricane Maria hittold AFP by telephone.

The most recent storm has left around 800,000 people without normal water due to power outages and flooded rivers, officials said.

After years of financial woes and recession, Puerto Rico in 2017 declared the biggest bankruptcy ever by way of a local US administration.

A damaged restaurant located after the passage of Hurricane Fiona in Samana, Dominican Republic
A damaged restaurant located following the passing of Hurricane Fiona in Samana, Dominican Republic.

Later that year, the double hit from hurricanes Irma and Maria put into the misery, devastating the on the islandwhich has experienced major infrastructure problems for a long time.

The grid was privatized in June 2021 in order to resolve the issue of blackouts, however the issue has persisted, and the complete island lost power earlier this season.

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