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Study identifies aggressive cancer that hijacks the mind to create itself incurable

Brain cancer could be rare, but glioblastoma (also called glioblastoma multiforme or GBM) makes up about around 15 percent of brain tumors. The aggressive cancer established fact within the medical field because of being perhaps one of the most dangerous cancers around. Now, scientists may better realize why GBM is indeed dangerous. A fresh study says that cancer hijacks the mind, allowing it to render itself almost untreatable.

New study shows how dangerous cancer hijacks the mind to become untreatable

brainImage source: paul/Adobe

The brand new study, which researchers published in the journal Cell details the way the cancer hijacks the mind. Among the most aggressive types of cancer we realize of, GBM has already been dangerous. But, predicated on these new findings, its capability to hijack the mind makes it a lot more terrifying.

GBM is indeed effective due to the cells that it forms. These cells are called astrocytes plus they support neurons that quickly spread through the affected brain. The outward symptoms for glioblastoma have become nonspecific usually, too, with nausea and headaches chief included in this. For this reason, it could often be hard to inform until it has recently begun to spread.

Regardless of the symptoms being so common, glioblastomas secret weapon may be the cancers capability to hijack the mind. The cancer literally seeds itself widely through the mind. This makes eradication with surgery along with other methods more challenging. The tumors due to GBM may also contain a selection of cells. Because of this, treatment of any sort becomes a lot more complicated.

However, some new treatment plans have popped up lately.

Understanding GBM better

brain MRI helps us better understand cancer that hijacks brainImage source: merydolla / Adobe

The precise role and functions these diverse cells in GBM tumors play will always be a mystery, too. Which includes only put into the complicated matter of treating the aggressive cancer. Now, though, a fresh study on GBM tumors in mice allowed scientists to check in to the tumors on a molecular and cellular level. Consequently, they discovered the way the cancer hijacks the mind and seeds itself throughout it.

A brain tumor researcher at Heidelberg University in Germany and a team of others could actually sequence the genetics of single cells in mice with GBM. Because of this, the team observed which genes were fired up and off. Other research in addition has shown how GBM cells form a network collectively. This can help spread the cancer further. (via Gizmodo)

Nonetheless it isnt just the connected cells which are dangerous. This new research showed that even the disconnected GBM cells have a dangerous role. These cells may actually receive signals from neurons that push them to spread to other brain regions. Using this method, the cancer is somehow hijacking the mind to advance its spread.

These findings still have to be validated by additional research. But, others validate them, it might help us unlock more understanding of glioblastoma. Which might even help us enhance the mortality rate of the aggressive brain cancer.

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