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Stung by way of a Plant

Ally Barons: I simply have always developed around water, and I enjoy swim.

Vivien Williams: But this past year, during spring break, lifeguard Ally Barons developed a strange, long, red mark on her behalf leg following a dip in the ocean.

Ally Barons: But it began to get really red and blistered.

Vivien Williams: She thought maybe it had been a jellyfish sting. Mayo Clinic Dr. Dawn Davis told Ally yes, it had been a sting, but from the plant and sunlight, not just a jellyfish.

Ally Barons: THEREFORE I was sort of disappointed because jellyfish sounds cooler.

Dawn Marie R. Davis, M.D.: There are specific plants and fruits in nature, such as for example dill, buttercup, bergamot, musk ambrette, parsley, parsnip, and citric fruits, especially lime, that whenever these chemicals they contain hit your skin layer and it’s subjected to ultraviolet light, a chemical reaction occurs. And you will either create a dermatitis, to create phytophotodermatitis, plant-light induced eczema, or it is possible to create a phototoxic dermatitis, meaning plant sunburn dermatitis.

Vivien Williams: Typical scenarios will be once you brush against certain plants on a hike or once you squeeze a lime right into a drink, perhaps you get some good juice on your own hands, you touch your arm. So when sunlight hits that spot, the dermatitis appears by means of hand prints or drips.

Dawn Marie R. Davis, M.D.: Many people believe it’s poison ivy with the lines and the streaks. But it’s, indeed, not. It is a phytophotodermatitis.

Vivien Williams: Treatment includes topical ointment and staying out from the sun.

Ally Barons: It’s the following on my leg.

Vivien Williams: Ally says her reaction was a little painful, but as time passes it’s fading away. For Medical Edge, I’m Vivien Williams.

Sept. 20, 2022


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