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Sunday Funday Cartoon: At Cafe Blue, MANY PEOPLE ARE Welcome…Except Those Immigrants

Theres a restaurant in Malibu that people would frequent for breakfast. On the wall is really a giant, hand-painted sign listing all of the usual subjects of tolerance. Many people are welcome and accepted except, you understand, when they aren’t. Conservatives, Republicans, individuals who believe in women and men, those types of people. But everybody else is super welcome.

On Marthas Vineyard, residents had a freakout over 50 people landing within their land of milk and honey, and tolerance without reservations. The contrast between their many people are welcome yard signs and hand-painted, virtue-signaling restaurant signs, and their rush to obtain the 50 on a military plane out of town, was stunning and also fun to view. It was a fresh undertake NIMBY.

It took slightly below two days, and the immigrants were outta there.

The virtue-signaling signs on front lawns and in restaurant windows and walls will stay on Marthas Vineyard. New ones will appear, too. Just like the increasing amount of guys who claim to be combat vetsbut never left an air-conditioned officeby next year, Marthas Vineyard could have about 17,000 people claiming they fed the 50 Pop-Tarts. Whats virtue-signaling with out a virtuous story?

At Cafe Blue, they respect everyone and stand with immigrantsas long because the immigrants are standing in line to board a bus out of town.

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