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Suns Owner Robert Sarver Suspended 12 months, Probe Finds He Used N-Word

Suns Owner Robert Sarver Suspended 12 months, Fined $10 Million Probe Finds He Used N-Word

9/13/2022 9: 14 AM PT

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver was just hit with an enormous penalty after a thorough investigation into alleged workplace misconduct … getting banned from the league for just one season and forced to cover a $10 million fine.

The NBA released the findings of its investigation after interviewing 320 current and former Suns employees … and determined Sarver said the N-word at the very least five times “when recounting the statements of others.”

It’s worth noting — the league says Sarver’s usage of the N-word had not been motivated by racial hate or prejudice.

The league also concluded Sarver didn’t treat female employees equally and made inappropriate comments about the look of them.

The NBA also states Sarver engaged in inappropriate physical conduct toward male employees.

“The statements and conduct described in the findings of the independent investigation are troubling and disappointing,” NBA commish Adam Silver said in a statement. “We believe the results may be the right one, considering all of the facts, circumstances and context taken to light by the comprehensive investigation of the 18-year period and our commitment to upholding proper standards in NBA workplaces.”

Phoenix Suns Deny Impending Bombshell Claims Of Racism, Sexism


Phoenix Suns Deny Impending Bombshell Claims Of Racism, Sexism

“I’m hopeful that the NBA community use this possibility to think about what this great game methods to people everywhere and the values of equality, respect and inclusion that it strives to represent. No matter position, power or intent, most of us have to recognize the corrosive and hurtful impact of racially insensitive and demeaning language and behavior.”

“With respect to the complete NBA, I am sorry to all of these influenced by the misconduct outlined in the investigators report. We should do better.”

During Sarver’s suspension, he must complete a workplace conduct course. He’ll have no usage of the team or its facilities through the ban.

FYI — the $10 million fine may be the absolute most the NBA is permitted to hand down.

The Suns will will have to hire another firm to advise on issues like workplace training, hiring and compensation.

Sarver is really a property development mogul … and bought the team in 2004 for $401 million.

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