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Super nutritious enriched seaweed which will help ease global food crisis unveiled by scientists

The state-of-the-art technology significantly escalates the growth rate, protein levels, healthy carbohydrates, and minerals in the seaweeds tissues making the enriched seaweed an all natural superfood with extremely high vitamins and minerals, which may be used in the near future for medical food industry also to secure an unlimited food source, it had been claimed.

Within an article published in the scientific journalInnovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, Israeli researchers explained that local species of the algaeUlva,GracilariaandHypneawere grown near fish farming systems under different environmental conditions. The special conditions allowed the seaweed to flourish, and enabled a substantial improvement within their nutritional value to the stage of these becoming enriched seaweed.

The study was led beneath the guidance of Prof. Avigdor Abelson from the institution of Zoology, George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences at Tel Aviv University and Prof. Alvaro Israel of the Israel Oceanographic and LimnologicalResearch Institute (IOLR) in Tel Shikmona, Haifa.

Seaweed could be seen as a natural superfood, more loaded in the necessary the different parts of the human diet than other food sources, said Doron Ashkenazi, Ph.D. student at Tel Aviv University.

Through the technological approach we developed, a farm owner or entrepreneur can plan beforehand a production type of seaweed abundant with the substances where they’re interested, which may be used as health foods or natural supplements; for instance, seaweed with an especially advanced of protein, seaweed abundant with minerals such as for example iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, or in special pigments or anti-oxidants. The enriched seaweed may be used to help populations experiencing malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, for instance disadvantaged populations all over the world, in addition to supplements to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Enabling sustainable and clean agriculture

Moreover, unlike terrestrial agriculture, aquaculture, and specifically the proposed seaweed farming approach, will not require extensive land, fresh water or huge amounts of fertilizer. It really is green, and preserves nature and the ecological balance by reducing environmental risks, claimed the researchers.

He called on integrated aquaculture to get more support from governments all over the world because of its environmental benefits, such as the reduced amount of nutrient loads to coastal waters and of the emission of gases and carbon footprints.

In this manner, it plays a part in combatting the climate crisis and global warming, said Ashkenazi: Technologies of the type are undoubtedly a model for an improved future for humanity, another where humans reside in idyll and in health within their environment.


New aquaculture technology might help ease the global food crisis: Enriched seaweed with extremely high vitamins and minerals




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