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Supercars drivers demand Sandown 500 return

The Australian series has traditionally held a 500-kilometre, two-driver endurance race in the lead-up to its centrepiece event, the Bathurst 1000.

Recently the 500-kay event has been combined with Bathurst 1000 and the Gold Coast 600 to create a series-within-a-series referred to as the Enduro Cup.

Sandown sometimes appears because the traditional home of the 500, though it in addition has been held at circuits such as for example Queensland Raceway and Phillip Island.

It had been also set to go to The Bend in 2020 prior to the calendar was rocked by the global health crisis.

Because the pandemic Supercars has scaled its endurance season back again to only a single race, the Bathurst 1000.

While there’s been talk of more endurance events, its thought teams have already been unwilling to re-expand because of costs.

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There’s been speculation the Sandown 500 will return at least one time prior to the circuit is redeveloped, although exactly if they will undoubtedly be is unclear.

In accordance with several key drivers it must be as quickly as possible.

The demands the return of the Sandown 500 were particularly loud through the Sandown SuperSprint on the weekend, where in fact the most co-drivers were on the floor anyway for a separate practice session.

“I believe we need another enduro, that’s just absolute tradition,” said Will Davison.

“It appears just crazy. I am aware through COVID what we did to obtain through, but I believe the time is currently to obtain that 500 back.

“And when there’s uncertainty on the future of the circuit, we ought to send Sandown out with a large bang in the event that’s just how it’s going.

“We are all here, we do 500-kilometre weekends anyway on the road events. I believe there’s definitely room for that 500 enduro in a single day, merely to add spice to.”

David Reynolds agreed: .”I don’t really realize why they did a co-driver session. After all it’s cool, but it’s additional cost for no reason.

“The 500 would make more sense. Everyone loved it, it had been among our favourite events. And the more enduro-style racing we do, the higher the category feels.”

Chaz Mostert went a step further, calling for the reinstatement of the three-event Enduro Cup.

“It’s similar to we’ve forgotten what sort of normal calendar would go,” he said.

“We used to really have the Enduro Cup also it was one more thing to play for, which we just don’t possess now. Once you arrived at enduro time you’re either in the championship or you’re from it, and when you’re from it you put all of this focus in being strong at these three big races by the end of the entire year.

“It’s quite rewarding should you choose bag one of these.”

Triple Eight’s racer-turned-boss Jamie Whincup said even from the team management perspective he’d support the return of the 500.

“We’d to wind back the category, we cut right out lots of street tracks as well as the three enduros back again to one, for the COVID period,” he said.

“But we’re appearing out of that period quite strong; Adelaide on the calendar, Gold Coast back, Newcastle next year… it’s exciting stuff. And when someone asked me the question, should we do the 500 here, I’d say absolutely.

Whincup said the incoming Gen3 cars, which are designed to be cheaper to perform, would help alleviate the price of more long-distance racing.

“The big cost for the teams, aside from travel and folks, is the deterioration on the cars,” he added.

“You do not desire to own one of these brilliant cars as a road car. You do 5000 kays and you also need to replace everything. They’re that expensive to perform.

“So an extended 500-kay race, yeah, there is a lot of exhausted, torn-up bits.

“But you want to go racing, we don’t care what it costs to race. Gen3 is really a massive part of that direction where we are able to tear panels off the automobile and run them hard for longer rather than be blowing the lender.”

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