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Surface Boss on what Flashback-Filled Sixth Episode Reframes Characters Choices

[The following story contains spoilers from the sixth bout of Surfaces first season, The Myth of California.]

Right from the start of Apple TV+s psychological thriller Surface, Oliver Jackson-Cohens James has viewed his wifes near-death experience as the opportunity for each of them to obtain a second chance at their relationship and move beyond their past mistakes.

But with Sophies (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) realization by the end of episode five that she was the main one James was covering for with the missing money he was attempting to recover and that she may be the theif, Sophie and James fresh start has ended.

That sort of opens the floodgates for James to understand theres forget about hiding behind an idealized version, showrunner Veronica West tells The Hollywood Reporter. Theres no second chance thats a fairytale.

With that discovery, episode six breaks open what viewers think they knew concerning the characters and motivations at the biggest market of the drama. With the present-day timeline occurring within the family room of these lavish townhouse, James tells Sophie how they met and fell in love through the first section of their relationship until he began to get jealous of her and things degraded as she began her affair with Stephan James Baden. He also reveals what sort of mysterious investment resulted in her taking the amount of money and what happened between them before she got included.

For deciding which elements of James and Sophies story showing, West, who co-wrote the episode with Raven Jackson, says they centered on the moments that meant probably the most to James and felt just like the things in the partnership which were so pivotal but additionally things in the partnership that Sophie may have misinterpreted probably the most, just like the reason she was with Baden to begin with.

James explanation, West says, reframes a few of the key choices and discoveries Sophie has made not only with James side of the story but a far more fuller side of the story once he allows himself in all honesty about not merely his actions and feelings but her past actions and feelings, at the very least what she was ready to tell him.

However the new information revealed in episode six doesnt necessarily contradict what Sophie, and viewers, learned in prior episodes.

Nobody is who you imagine they’re when this show starts, West says. Every character and individuals you’re suspicious of, we wished to be sure that everybody felt very real and had real character motivations as soon as we surely got to the reveal of the reality and everybodys different truths, precisely what happened before that moment still made sense. You cant just make an effort to make somebody appear to be a villain because its best for the story. Telling an episode from that one characters perspective, it had to accomplish a 180, put a mirror around precisely what had happened before then to describe for you why see your face was acting the direction they were, even though it had been for reasons we didnt expect.

James telling Sophie about their relationship, West says, was inspired by the Netflix documentary Tell Me Who I’M, with Surfaces larger concept inspired by the 1961 French film THIS PAST YEAR at Marienbad.

With James, what could have appeared like controlling behavior in the last episodes of the series was him attempting to help Sophie.

This protectiveness over her, West says, originated from a deep, although potentially misguided, love.

She adds, And lastly getting to start to see the same story from his viewpoint allowed us to essentially feel what he felt for Sophie and recognize that, even though he’s got done some really questionable things, where these were really motivated from, they all really stemmed out of this idealized version of her he fell deeply in love with such a long time ago. Thats why it had been key to start out that episode with the purest version of each of them and note that he arrived to this with a pure heart also it was maybe actually Sophies fault that things began to fail.

When asked what initially draws James to Sophie, Jackson-Cohen tells THR, Theres this type of strength he admires and type of a fierceness to just how she sees the planet that James is most likely much more scared by the planet than she actually is. I believe its that fierceness that she’s and her outlook on the planet that anything can be done. She is type of his confidence and his rock.

Jackson-Cohen explains he was made alert to James storyline immediately after he got associated with the project.

I believe the very first thing they sent me was a bible to describe the complete series arc. And that alone was quite compelling to learn. It had been brilliant to then observe how scripts seems, he says. But I knew from the get-go where everything went, where James went, what the twists were. Personally i think as if you couldnt get into something similar to this blind, the performance will be everywhere. We’d to sort of ground it.

By the finish of the eight-episode first season, West teases that viewers will know everyones truths completely except Sophies.

Shes one that still gets the mysteries, and I purposefully embedded some things, even yet in the DNA of the pilot itself in order that this show could answer all the mysteries of season one but still have legs and move forward, West says, adding among the lingering questions with Sophie. Sophies British: She found America; shes lied to everyone about her past. That which was she running from? There needed to be those nuggets within for the story to really have the chance to progress past this year.

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