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Sustainability off the priority list for 1/3 of business as cost of living bites

1 / 3 of businesses have dropped sustainability from their top priorities because the cost of living crisis worsens, says Gousto, thats despite consumers believing that sustainability should remain a higher priority despite current pressures around inflation, cost of living and labour.

Meal-kit provider Gousto polled over 2,000 adults and 250 companies in the united kingdom. The outcomes revealed a third (33%) of companies say that sustainability isn’t currently important for them and just significantly less than 1 in 5 (17%) are centered on maintaining their green credentials as inflation in the market skyrockets.

However, 53% of consumers think that sustainability should remain a higher priority for businesses despite current pressures around inflation, cost of living and labour and 61%of those polled called on businesses to provide more sustainable options.Yet, in reality, just 13% of companies are currently centered on improving thesustainability of these services or products for customers. Theres an obvious appetite for sustainable living aware of consumer behaviour shifting recently, in accordance with Gousto. Over half (51%) of Brits desire to make more significant adjustments with their lifestyles and 47% desire to make sustainable changes with their mealtime routines.

Gousto also discovered that78% of British individuals are concerned about the environmentalimpact of the crisis, and half desire to make sustainable changes with their mealtime routines, minus the premium associated price.

When confronted with rising costs, however, 60% of individuals are experiencing to spread sustainable swaps in order to avoid paying the associated premium costs. Therefore the country is calling out for retailers to provide quality, sustainable answers to shoppers to find the best possible value.

Sticking with its ethos of ‘building something with a confident impact’,Gousto has launched a fresh Carbon-Cutting Cuisine range, offering home cooks recipes to lessen their carbon footprint at the recipe boxs industry cost effective price of 3.14.

Gousto claims its dinners produce 23% less carbon emissions than supermarkets Dealing with environmental services company Foodsteps, the recipe boxs Carbon-Cutting Cuisine range will group all of the recipes on the weekly menu that classify as Low or ‘Very Low on the platforms Carbon Intensity Rating scale. Recipes on the menu include Blackened Salmon Bowl With Corn And Feta and Lentil Enchiladas With Roasted Pepper & Cashew Crema.

Foodsteps uses leading life cycle assessment (LCA) data to take into account the impacts at each state of the foods life cycle, including farming, packaging, processing, transport, cooking, last-mile delivery & waste. These carbon savings are offered to customers, helping further reduce their footprint at mealtimes, with recipes championing seasonal veg, smarter meat swaps and dairy alternatives.

Hugh Lewis, Goustos Head of Sustainability said: Our purpose is definitely to build an incredible product with a confident effect on people and the earth which drives all our business decisions and actions. Were delighted to be dealing with Foodsteps to showcase our Carbon-Cutting Cuisine recipes to greatly help home cooks further reduce their carbon emissions when cooking with Gousto.

“The climate crisis needs the entire support of each business and were focused on continuously improving our sustainability despite wider macro pressures.

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