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Sydney Sweeney’s Hoedown Party for Mom Branded Right-Wing, MAGA-Leaning

Sydney Sweeney Hoedown Party for Mom Branded as Right-Wing, MAGA-Leaning

8/27/2022 3: 10 PM PT


4: 08 PM PT — Sydney has addressed the controversy, writing … “You guys that is wild. An innocent celebration for my moms milestone 60th birthday has converted into an absurd political statement, that was not the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Much want to everyone and Happy Birthday Mom!”

Sydney Sweeney did an image dump to honor her mom’s birthday, but it’s instantly backfiring — because people think it’s showing her true colors … ones they perceive as red.

The “Euphoria” actress threw up a lot of shots Saturday on IG, showing her and her family celebrating her mother Lisa’s 60th birthday. They held the shindig at some type of ranch, and the theme is hoedown-inspired … with everyone rocking cowboy hats and boots.

Seems relatively harmless — however, many fans of hers are raising an eyebrow to the vibe they’re postponing, particularly when it involves certain people’s attire … shirts and hats specifically.

In another of the photos that SS posted, she’s alongside three other adults (among whom is her mother, the blonde woman) along with what is apparently her grandmother … and a mature gentleman. We’re nearly sure who he could be, but he could easily be considered a relative aswell.

Individuals are hyper-focusing with this guy’s shirt, seemingly a Blue Lives Matter shirt — which includes been symbolized with a monochrome flag and a blue stripe down the center.

Other photos and videos show attendees wearing red MAGA-style hats … with “Make Sixty Great Again” emblazoned on leading. Her brother, Trent, posted these — and ensured to notice that’s just what they said. However the fact they’re being worn at all gets criticism.

In the event that you hop in to the “Sydney Sweeney” trend at this time … you will see some are jokingly asking where her family was on Jan. 6, and predicting an apology video is forthcoming.

Needless to say, there’s an unbelievable quantity of assumptions and speculation being piled on over this — but it’s happening nonetheless. Some Sweeney fans are in fact expressing shock that her family is apparently somewhat right-wing — or potentially lean this way, anyway.

FWIW … Sydney’s from Washington state, but grew up in Idaho. Even though her fam does are actually conservative, it’s definitely not the mortal sin Twitter’s rendering it out to be.

Originally Published — 3: 10 PM PT

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