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T.I. Responds To Criticism About His Parenting After His Son Gets Arrested

T.I. taken care of immediately fans concerns about his parenting in the wake of his son Kings recent actions.



T.I. taken care of immediately fans concerns about his parenting of his son, King, who has been around excessive drama lately, including facing jail time.

The Be Easy rapper said he’s got spoken to his son many times and warned him that his recent behavior would catch around him if he doesnt relax.

King has been around several incidents lately. Some time ago, he experienced a disagreement at Waffle House. Just a couple days ago, he was arrested for yet-to-be-announced reasons.

In a reaction to the video, many fans agreed with the Atlanta native on Instagram:

Hes right, the king will learn 1 day.

One fan reacted by saying nobody on social ought to be telling T.I. the way to handle problems with King:

Nobody ought to be telling you how exactly to increase your son anyway.

Hopefully, King learns how exactly to control himself before things come out for the worst.

Meanwhile, this is simply not the 1st time T.I. has been under fire in the general public about his parenting.

In 2019, he delivered shocking words on his Life Hacks With T.I. when he admitted he went along with his daughter for annual checkups to discover if shes had sex.

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