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Taiwan’s Best Fighter Jet In comparison to China’s J-20 Mighty Dragon

In reaction to Beijing’s air drills in the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan unveiled its innovative jet on Wednesday, undertaking its drills with the F-16V fighters.

“When confronted with the threat from Chinese communist forces’ recent military exercises, we’ve stayed vigilant while establishing the idea of ‘battlefields everywhere and training anytime’… to make sure national security,” Taiwan’s air force said in a statement.

Based on the force, six U.S.-made F-16Vsincluding two armed with missilestook off for an exercise mission from the Haulien Air Force Base late Wednesday night local time. The jets were first deployed by Taiwan in November, following the deal was approved by the Trump administration.

Taiwan’s defense against China’s air threats come after weeks of drills in the median zone separating mainland China from the island. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has staged a number of air missions after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan this month.

Taiwan China Fighter Jets
A Taiwanese F-16 Fighting Falcon lands at Hualien Air Force Base on August 6, 2022, in Hualien, Taiwan. In reaction to Beijing’s air drills in the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan unveiled its innovative jet on Wednesday, undertaking its drills with the F-16V fighters.Annabelle Chih/Stringer

“We shall seize this possibility to test all of the training we normally do, and through this improve our current methods and raise our combat effectiveness,” said Sun Li-fang, a spokesperson for Taiwan’s defense ministry.

Taipei has accused Beijing of using Pelosi’s visit to legitimize the recent drills involving China’s fighter jets, that could be utilized for an invasion of Taiwan’s air space.

China’s most effective fighter jets will be the J-20 Mighty Dragons. While Beijing deployed 150 of these strongest jets in June of 2021, the recent drills used 16 Su-30 fighters and 11 other jets.

An assessment of China’s and Taiwan’s top fighters:

Speed and fuel

Taiwan’s F-16Vs can fly as fast as 1,500 mph, outpacing China’s J-20, that includes a maximum speed of just one 1,321 mph.

The island’s fighter jets likewise have a slightly further travel range, in a position to fly a lot more than 2,002 miles before having to stop to refuel, in accordance with Taiwan’s air force. Aviation website Executive Flyers implies that J-20s have around selection of right at 2,002 miles.

With regards to fuel capacity, the F-16Vs carries considerably less fuel with a capacity of 5,443 kilograms, including two external tanks, in comparison to 25,000 kilograms for Beijing’s Mighty Dragons.


Taiwan’s U.S.-made jets certainly are a little smaller than PLA’s fighters, which can make them simpler to maneuver in the air. The F-16Vs have a amount of 14.8 meters and a height of 4.8 meters. However, J-20s average 20.4 meters long and 4.45 meters tall, based on the China Power Project.

The Taiwanese planes likewise have an inferior wingspan of 9.8 meters, weighed against the roughly 13-meter wingspan of Beijing’s jets.

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