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Talking Point: WHAT EXACTLY ARE You Playing This Weekend? (September 17th)

Bayonetta 2 Face Screenshot
Image: PlatinumGames

*deep breath* There is a Nintendo Direct this week! Also it was chock-a-block filled with games. However the big news is that people, finally, know the name (and release date) of Breath of the Wild’s follow-up. RIP The Sequel toThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be a lot less of a mouthful, in all honesty. And that box art is… well, art.

Other Direct highlights include Pikmin 4 actually, really existing, a fresh Fire Emblem game with a toothpaste-haired protagonist, and Octopath Traveler II bringing more HD-2D goodness to the Switch.

Elsewhere, we broke down the brand new Zelda trailer in extreme detail and took a look back at Xenoblade Chronicles 3 developer Monolith Soft’s history with Nintendo, who just is actually focusing on Tears of the Kingdom. But we also made time and energy to review the MMO Pokmon-like Temtem, and we were pretty impressed!

Now, a few of our wonderful writers have shared what their plans are for the weekend below and we’d want to hear everything you guys are around in the comments below! Happy reading!

Gonalo Lopes, reviewer

Remember when I left on holiday believing I’d complete Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in said amount of absence? The 100th hour is approaching on my save data so when far when i can tell Im nowhere close to the end.

Put in a splice of SD Gundam Battle Alliance hectic combat and grind-heavy upgrades combined with the sad realization Im nowhere near as effective as I recall at Radiant Silvergun and that is my weekend sorted… Assuming I could avoid long enough from Splatoon 3, River City Saga Three Kingdoms and JoJos Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R. 48 hours seriously isn’t enough.

Kate Gray, staff writer

I’ve just downloaded the Harvestella demo I don’t usually work with demos, but that one I believe requires me trying it out for myself. I really like farming-type games, but I’m not just a massive fan of Square Enix JRPGs… they’re too much time, and you can find way too many characters. Admittedly, so can be farming games. But it’s different!!!

Up to now it appears nice but it has been virtually one long cutscene. I am hoping I reach take action soon. Also, could it be just me, or could it be almost the plot of Bloodborne???

Ollie Reynolds, staff writer

With the recent gameplay demonstrations of Bayonetta 3 leaving me feeling a little well, deflated, for insufficient an improved word, Ive gone back again to Bayonetta 2 to get myself back the mood again. I’d get back to the initial game, but Im not sure Ill have enough time to obtain through both of these prior to the end of October, which means this will need to do. And yes, its still a masterpiece doing his thing gameplay!

Elsewhere, Im playing through Death Stranding on the PS5, with those Directors Cut additions and whatnot. Its an extremely good game to just relax with when I wish to wind down; walking over the beautiful terrain whilst hearing the glorious music of Low Roar definitely produces some memorable moments. It took me several attempts to essentially appreciate Death Stranding, however now I simply cant get enough of it.

Alana Hagues, staff writer

Blimey, just what a Direct that has been. At least for me personally anyway. I’ve got some work to obtain done this weekend, so there will not be an excessive amount of gaming for me personally. Because I believe I want more RPGs and farming sims in my own life, I’m going to be snatching up the demos for Harvestella and Jack Move on Switch. But additionally, I will not shut up concerning the new Theatrhythm game, Final Bar Line, so to satiate my appetite, I’m digging out my 3DS to play some Curtain Call!

Honestly, it’s likely to become a heavy Final Fantasy weekend. I am dragged back to Final Fantasy XIV on PS5 because of the ‘Call Back Campaign’ so that’s any free time I might have gone. Oh well. See you in a few days, folks!

Gavin Lane, editor

This weekend will undoubtedly be similar to the last few for me personally: challenging to squeeze any quality gaming amount of time in at all! Ive recently moved house and any free moment I get is spent surrounded by towers of still-not-unpacked boxes making me feel guilty for watching an bout of The Boys before bed rather than tidying things away.

I’ve were able to play one game a bit in the last little while, and Id want to have the ability to spend even more time with it having an eye to reviewing it for you personally lovely people. Please, Touch The Artwork has been great company up to now, a handheld-only puzzler with striking visuals and an excellent sense of humour.

The premise is much too complex to describe in the area Ive got here, but this video I was associated with some time back featuring the developer himself does an excellent job of introducing things.

Zion Grassl, senior video producer

Ive had an issue of starting a slew of new games come early july but never investing in finishing them, but that changed this week! I were able to roll the credits on Attack of the Friday Monsters, Elite Beat Agents, Later Alligator and also Immortality on Xbox (dont tell our bosses, please!) While I still have several games on my docket to complete (Im considering you Deaths Door & Digimon Survive) Im thinking it could be okay to start out something new!

As the campaign for Splatoon 3 looks incredibly enticing, Im thinking Ive had this incredible urge to bust out my GameCube and play through something on my old school CRT tube TV! I did so set up Metroid Prime earlier this week, even though I will realistically stay with it since Ive hardly ever really played it before, another section of me really wants to dive in to the Master Quest disc I own for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time the classics will will have a hang on me I swear. However now Tunic is arriving at switch and Omori is collecting dust on my shelf! What do I really do? Someone, please send help!

As ever, many thanks for reading! Ensure that you leave us a comment below together with your weekend gaming plans!

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