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Tamera Mowry-Housley Insists YOU NEED TO Sit Down BECAUSE OF THIS In NewMemoir

Emmy-winning host, actress and today author, Tamera Mowry-Housley, has announced the release of her debut memoir,YOU NEED TO Sit Down BECAUSE OF THIS: A Memoir about Life, Wine, + Cookies,published through Legacy Lit.

In accordance with a news release, Mowry-Housley invites readers to assume themselves popping to her Napa Valley home, seated in her kitchen following a welcoming hug, surrounded by the smell of freshly baked cookies and having a cup of tea. Thats what the former host of THE TRUE wants readingYOU NEED TO Sit Down because of thisto feels as though catching up having an old friend over a pleasant Earl Grey and way too many sweets.

Within an Instagram post, the 44-year-old vulnerably wrote, I couldnt become more pleased with it! I laugh, I cry and present you my whole heart [heart emoji]

Readers can get for more information about Mowry-Housleys life, from her self-exile from the planet of beauty pageants, to the pressures to be a teenage star, to the craziness of her dating life. She also discusses the challenges of balancing family and career, and just why its okay for women to cover out within their closets if they just need a couple of minutes of peace.

Mowry-Housley surfaced on our TV screens as one-half of the beloved twin dyad on the hit showSister, Sister. She lately reemerged on daytime TV as co-host of the Fox network show THE TRUE. In accordance with her memoir, the transition from the teenage star to a grown woman wasnt easy in the general public eye. She also discusses being raised being an army brat in Hawaii, and feeling secluded and sheltered. Through the entire memoir, Mowry-Housley shares the wisdom she found throughout her life, labeling them her Tameraisms.

YOU NEED TO Sit Down because of this: A Memoir about Life, Wine, + Cookies is referred to as a lighthearted and delightful glimpse in to the life of a much-loved actor. The purpose of the memoir would be to leave readers feeling liberated and motivated to embrace the highs and lows of growing up all while celebrating the cookies and juicy elements of life.It’ll be available on October 4 at all major book retailers.

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