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Taylor Ann Green set off by run-in with Shep Roses old hookup

July 28, 2022 | 10: 01pm

Taylor Ann Green revealed on Thursdays bout of Southern Charm that she became triggered after running in to the woman Shep Rose cheated on her behalf with.

I simply see her and Im, like, triggered, she told pal Olivia Flowers because the two swept up. Needless to say, Shep was like, Taylor, youve surely got to stop. That has been in the past.

Rose, 42, admitted to cheating on Green, 27, during last seasons reunion.

It had been a vintage flame and I kissed a woman in a stairwell, but thats all it had been, he told host Andy Cohen at that time, adding that there is some texts he exchanged with an other woman.

Through the new episode, Green said in a confessional that she isnt normally a jealous person but seeing her mans old flame incited a flurry of negative emotions.

Here we have been, she lamented to the camera.

Green then told Flowers, 30, that when the common Expectations author stepped from her again, she’d call it quits once and for all.

Shep Rose poses for a
Rose has admitted to cheating on Green during the past.
Stephanie Diani/Bravo

If something similar to which were to ever happen again, Im out, she said. I’d calm step away and say, I must say i feel sorry for you personally and the individual that you will be deep down inside and, like, enjoy that. All the best sleeping during the night knowing you’re who you’re.

However, the men in Southern Charm hinted at Rose unfaithful more often than once in a recently available episode.

Taylors anxious once you leave town as you keep cheating on her behalf once you leave town, Craig Conover claimed of Rose in a confessional.

After all, how is she said to be exactly like, sleep peacefully during the night?

The couple eventually threw in the towel after 2 yrs of dating, People reported earlier this month.

Insiders told the outlet that Rose includes a real issue with monogamy that contributed to the relationships demise.

[He] refused to committo Taylor, telling her he doesnt desire to be with just one single person and change his lifestyle, one source said.

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green posing together in front of a palm tree.
The couple called it quits earlier this month after 2 yrs of dating.

Shes incredibly hurt,but she knows that she deserves a man who’ll fight on her behalf, not one who’s so selfish, added another, claiming Rose will regret this.

Rose previously admitted to Page Six that he and Green had some hiccups while filming Season 8 of Southern Charm.

[This season] took a toll on my [relationship], he said. It had been just hard. After all, when youre filming, too, theres just a little anxiety. You need everything to go well, so when you try too much, usually things inflate in that person, and thats type of what happened. I saw the train coming, and I simply ran involved with it instead of from it.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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