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Teacher’s Home Firebombed in Targeted Attack, Police Say

Clayton County, Georgia, schoolteacher Adreana Swanson has been hospitalized following a firebomb premiered into her bedroom. Another firebomb was also launched in to the living room of her house, which detectives said was designed to prevent folks from escaping.

Detectives have labeled the August 20 incident an act of arson that’s still under investigation. The 22-year-old Swanson is in the ICU with severe burns to her face, neck and both arms, based on the Clayton Crescent news site. Atlanta’s WSB reported that although she remains in the ICU, Swanson is at night critical stage of recovery.

Her mother was also inside your home and was transported to a healthcare facility as well, based on the Clayton Crescent.

Residents in Swanson’s Riverdale neighborhood said they heard loud explosions and saw the fire. Surveillance footage from the nearby home showed a flash of fire around 2: 30 a.m., and a guy in white pants, a black shirt and a mask was seen leaving the scene, WSB added.

When emergency services arrived, the house was “fully engulfed” in flames and had smoke “pouring from the windows,” in accordance with The Kansas City Star.

Seven days later, the suspect still was not caught.

“We have been attempting to identify the individual of fascination with the video,” Riverdale Police Department Chief Todd Spivey told Newsweek within an email on August 26. “The victim continues to be in a healthcare facility.”

Riverdale Police Department Detective Kamie McKay told WSB that Swanson might have been targeted.

“It appears to us it had been a targeting situation where there is an accelerant that experienced the very best window and an accelerant that experienced underneath window,” McKay said.

teacher injured ICU home firebombed
Above, a graphic of a fire truck rushing to the scene of a major accident. Clayton County, Georgia, schoolteacher Adreana Swanson has been hospitalized following a firebomb premiered into her bedroom. MattGush/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Neighbors reported that Swanson was in shock when she escaped the home.

“She was just saying, ‘Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I cannot believe that is happening,'” a neighbor told WSB.

A police report indicated a neighbor who spoke with authorities said they saw a guy carrying a grocery bag, in accordance with The Kansas City Star. Minutes later, the person is reported to possess run from behind a house and continued running from the neighborhood.

A person with information concerning the case is encouraged to get hold of Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.

Other Arson Incidents

In late June of the year, a California man holding a child hostage started a flat fire. Responders from the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District used an ax to cut their way in to the bathroom from the neighboring unit, where in fact the father and child were found unconscious and rescued.

A couple of days later, officials began an arson investigation following a suspect was caught on a security camera throwing what’s thought to be a Molotov cocktail at an automobile, lighting it burning in DeBary, Florida.

In early July, three Christian churches in Bethesda, Maryland, were set burning and vandalized over a 24-hour period.

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