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Tech and Culture Website Gizmodo Hates NFTs.But Why?

Gizmodo is attracting attention in the NFT space for all your wrong reasons. It is because its editorial line appears to always criticise NFTs. Following headlines such as for example Starbucks Explains How Its Dumbass NFT Program Works and Tiffany & Co. Released NFTs (and Theyre Ugly), Gizmodo has been raising eyebrows. Undoubtedly, tech heads have already been wondering why Gizmodo, a tech website, appears to hate NFTs so much. So if youve been questioning this, heres some insight into why this may function as case.

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How come Gizmodo depicting all NFT projects in a negative light?

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A deep dive in to the known reasons for Gizmodos editorial line

As @Swordsy described: Gizmodo, Kotaku, and much more of the aged media/tech news sites incentivize journalists to create these clickbaity rage articles since they need the engagement. Many of them are seeing in history lows in traffic since their heyday through the mid/late 2010s.

Indeed, because the mid-2010s, the web exploded with new websites associated with emerging technologies, such as for example crypto and NFTs. Additionally, nowadays, an extremely democratised media landscape implies that everyone and not just corporate or private equity behemoths can begin an effective media company. Therefore, chasing eyeballs within an oversaturated news landscape can result in media and tech news sites like Gizmodo deciding on clickbaity headlines.

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Early adoption isn’t for everybody

Another reason behind this editorial line may be the proven fact that early adoption isn’t for everyone. Being truly a tech website editor will not correlate to as an early adopter.

Based on the diffusion of innovation theory, innovation isn’t adopted by everyone simultaneously. The diffusion of innovation theory divides adopters into different categories, namely innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards.

In accordance with Everett Rogers theory: Early adopters utilize the data supplied by the innovators implementation and confirmation of the innovation to create their very own adoption decisions. If the opinion leaders discover that the innovation has been effective for the innovators, they will undoubtedly be encouraged to look at.

NFTs remain a comparatively new technology with the problems and benefits that include new technologies. Therefore, the challenges that include new technologies may be one reason tech websites like Gizmodo decide on a negative stance.

The Negativity Bias

Based on the negativity bias, negative things have a larger impact on somebody’s psychological state. This pertains to negative headlines and news. Seemingly bad news attracts more clicks. This leads se’s to get the pattern and show this short article to more folks. Obviously, the cycle continues. A rise in clicks correlates to a rise in traffic, resulting in this article appearing higher on the search engine page.

It really is safe to state these could all be reasons tech media like Gizmodo choose blanket negative headlines for several NFT projects. Therefore, always remember that there surely is several factor at play when reading the next article.

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