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Ted Cruz heckled on plane over school shootings; Texas senator says, Youre a partisan

A Beto ORourke supporter on a flight with Texas Republican Ted Cruz took the chance to roast the senator for his politics, and also his messy tie.

Cruz, who initially had earbuds in, was attempting to exit the plane and removing his bags from the overhead bin whenever a fellow passenger began jeering him, filming completely and later posting the footage to Twitter beneath the handle@Nathan_VBB and the name Beto for everybody.

Were in Houston? I thought we were likely to Cancun, the manquips in the video.

He was discussing a family group vacation Cruz took this past year amid statewide power outages.

Senator, many thanks for everything youve done since Uvalde.Those podcast episodesmust have raised lots of money for you, the person continued, slamming Cruz for votingagainstgun legislation that passed in June with bipartisan support.

The heckler then poked fun at Cruz, whose purple tie and collar were out of place due to reaching up for his luggage.

You need to fix your tie too, as well as your collar, said the heckler.

Another mans voice could possibly be heard telling the heckler let him fly in peace as Cruz adjusted his tie and collar.

The Republican congressman had sought unanimous consent in the Senate for a bill that could have given billions for more school resource officers, mental medical researchers and security improvements for schools.

Cruz dismissed the person as a partisan.

You dont value the reality. Youre a partisan, thats OK, he said, before turning away.

You dont value the reality. Youre a partisan, thats OK, said Cruz, who turned his back on the person as he replied, Youre not just a partisan?

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