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Tempest Rising looks to create classic RTS action in to the modern era

You’ll command, and perhaps even conquer

Old-school strategy fans are receiving a fresh game to consider today. Tempest Risingis really a new real-time strategy game, harkening to the golden age of RTS action, looking to uplink in 2023.

Tempest Risingis in development at Slipgate Ironworks, in collaboration with THQ Nordic and 3D Realms. THQ debuted the overall game today, at its THQ Nordic showcase.

Taking on command at among three factions,Tempest Risinglooks to possess its own undertake history aswell. The Global Defense Force and the Tempest Dynasty clash with one another, played out in two single-player campaigns.

The 15-mission campaigns could have players customize their army between missions, adapting and growing because they fight. Even while, theyre racking your brains on whats going on with those wild Tempest vines.

Its very GDI vs. Nod, and generally, the gameplay reminds me a huge amount ofCommand & Conquer. Its got base-building and distinct factions, all of which has its economy and play style. Not to mention, in-between missions, talking head cutscenes with commanders concerning the war effort.

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Still, if Electronic Arts isnt making your way around to creating a newCommand & Conquerany time in the future, Im available to some new competition in the field. The remastered collection was like reopening a period capsule, and addressing experience that joy of creating up bases and rolling armies of tanks over the field to the kickin soundtrack again was fantastic.

Tempest Risingappears like it will make an effort to rekindle a few of that magic, it appears. And its own bringing the proper features, too. Alongside the campaign, there may also be skirmishes, custom games, and ranked matchmaking with Elo ratings.

The days of the past of real-time strategy can feel a little long-gone at this stage, but Im keen to see ifTempest Risingcan put today’s spin with this and make something interesting for old armchair commanders. Hopefully well see even more as we go to 2023.

You can getTempest Risingon Steam here.

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