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Tesla Dojo AI Training Supercomputer

Tesla Dojo team presented at the Hot Chip 34 conference.

Tesla has ensured that the IO (input output), memory, software, power, cooling and all the aspects of the machine are perfectly scalable. This can enable them to just build and add tiles to scale to the Exaflop level and beyond.

About 120 compute tiles would equal 1.1 Exaflops and 120,000 compute tiles will be 1100 Exaflops (or 1.1 Zettaflops).

Tesla will reveal actual compute levels along with other metrics on Tesla AI Day 2022 on September 30, 2022.

SOURCES- Anatasi in Tech, Tesla, Hot Chips 34, Lex Fridman Jim Keller interview

Compiled by Brian Wang,

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