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Tesla Semi Trucks Will Hit the street Before 2023



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Tesla electric semi truck on a road

Tesla first announced its all-electric Semi truck in 2017, and today nearly five years later, it appears like the big-rig truck will finally hit the streets before 2023. In accordance with CEO Elon Musk, itll actually start shipping prior to the end of the entire year.

In April, Muskissued a statementsuggesting its most delayed vehicles would finally get to 2023. He stated that no services would turn out this year because the company works to crank up production.

Then, in-may, Tesla officially opened orders and reservations for the electric Semi, suggesting its imminent release date. In a surprise turn of events, it appears like a fresh product will arrive for select customers this season. On Twitter, Elon Musk said the Tesla Semi with 500 miles of range would start shipping before years end.

Tesla 500 mile range Semi Truck starts shipping this season, Cybertruck next year

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 10, 2022

While Tesla hasnt officially announced a release date for the Semi, this statement originated from Elon Musk, suggesting its indeed accurate. However, this isnt the 1st time hes made a promise on Twitter that didnt pan out.

Weren’t sure where these initial orders ‘re going, but many believePepsiCo will undoubtedly be among the first to get several new all-electric Tesla semi trucks.

As a reminder, Teslaplans release a two variants, one with 300 miles of range for $150,000 and a second option for $180,000 that may go nearly 500 miles about the same charge. The long-range model makes more sense, also it appears like itll be what ships first.

Tesla claims the Semi is mainly maintenance-free, and fleet owners helps you to save roughly $200,000 every 2 yrs (per semi) on fuel and maintenance savings. If all goes in accordance with plan, you will probably see more Tesla Semi trucks on the highway prior to the end of 2022.

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