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Tevin Campbell Opens Up About Identifying As A Gay Man

Tevin Campbell has finally put speculations about his sexuality to rest. The Can We Talk crooner has exposed about identifying as a gay man. In a fresh interview on the PEOPLE Everyday podcast, he said, Why is me happiest at this time is what lengths Ive can be found in life. You understand, there are a great number of child stars that dont ensure it is. But most of us do and the truth that Ive embraced me.

Furthermore, the singer also revealed that throughout his early years in the music industry, he never concealed his identity from those around him. I didnt hide anything about me. I didnt make an effort to act a particular way or anything, he said.

You merely couldnt be [gay] in the past. Tevin, who also offers acting chops and spent six years performing in the Broadway musical Hairspray from 2004, credits that experience for a lot of his growth. When I arrived to my friends and family [at] about 19 or 20, that has been it for me personally. And I continued the street of discovering myself. I didnt know who I was.

The crooner also explained he had never seen LGBTQ+ individuals who were living normal lives and had partners. That has been an enjoyable experience in my own life, he added. Through the conversation, Tevin raised openly queer Black stars like Frank Ocean and Lil Nas X. It wasnt like this in the 90s, he says with fun. But Im glad I reach view it. Im glad thats changing. There are a great number of kids, especially young Black boys, that require to see representation.

He adds, Theyre not being shown to love themselves due to who they’re. The news headlines of Tevin identifying on Twitter has him trending, and several Black individuals are saying they already knew. In any event, Congrats, Tevin, for surviving in your truth!

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