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Texans coach Lovie Smith choosing gut feeling backed by data on roster cuts

Going from the 90-man roster through the spring right down to a 53-man roster isn’t a surprise for Lovie Smith.

The Houston Texans coach is in his 12th season in the NFL because the man on the sidelines. Section of what helps him make his decisions would be to clarify the goals for the players.

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What Ive learned is that people sort of know the guidelines in early stages and numbers we need to get right down to, Smith told reporters Monday. You allow players know early. Guys, eventually we need to reach this. All you do to any extent further, were considering.

The NFL Smith is in in comparison to what he entered in 2004 as coach of the Chicago Bears is among information. With practices filmed, the coaching staff and personnel departments have a lot of information to choose who fits with the business and who doesnt.

Ultimately, Smith listens to an inner voice.

Said Smith: What Ive learned is theres a gut feeling you opt for, supported by information, and we grade everything. We see them atlanta divorce attorneys environment. Ultimately, I dont think the decisions are that hard. It becomes clearer once you just let guys start playing.

The only real band of players that may prove mysterious will be the rookies, in accordance with Smith.

Rookies you dont know, you let them can be found in and you simply start comparing them plus they kind of let you know, Smith said. Its not my first rodeo and thats what I felt entering hard cuts. Ultimately, its pretty clear on which you have to do.

The Texans have to get to 53 players by 3: 00 p.m. Central Time Aug. 30.

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