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Texas judge responds to criticism from UFC commentator Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan, Anderson Silva

Seth Fuller has clapped back at Joe Rogan and another UFC commentators following their critique of his scorecard at UFC 277.

Fuller was judging the heavyweight fight between Hamdy Abdelwahab vs. DonTale Mayes and scored the fight and the 3rd round for Mayes that was a large surprise. In the 3rd round, Abdelwahab had 3: 51 of control time and was two-for-two on takedowns while also outstriking Mayes 18-12, but Fuller gave the round to Mayes which Rogan was very critical of and said on the broadcast that guy requires a talking to.we have to determine what hes been on.

Now, fourteen days later, Fuller took to his YouTube channel to react to Rogans criticism.

Joe Rogan youre still my hero. But I must face that, and everybody I understand must face that, which may be the important part, the commission must hear that, Fuller said in his YouTube video (via MMAFighting). Now the commission goes, hey, that is why we shouldnt have put he on the primary UFC. And thats if you ask me, a lot of BS, because if Im carrying it out wrong, then cite me for carrying it out wrong. But if youre pretending that Im not experienced, or I was careless, or I didnt think, and do my very best, and I dont value these fighters and care that the effect may be the correct result based on the rules they decided to, youre just plain wrong.

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In accordance with Seth Fuller, he says the ultimate blitz by Mayes stole the round for him as he thought Mayes landed the more damaging shots. Even though two other judges scored the 3rd round for Abdelwahab, Fuller says he could be no idiot or wrong as Rogan thought.

Two other judges obviously disagree, and I’ve no issue with that, Fuller said, in reaction to Rogan. But I simply wanted to demonstrate, Im no idiot, Im pretty good at scoring, I dont not know very well what Im considering. I know what Im considering, and actually, I’d say I understand the guidelines that I simply thought to you much better than the announcers, as the announcers just experienced the course that I experienced 12 years back, and their scores were everywhere.

What can you label of the judge giving an answer to Joe Rogan?

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