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Texas Militia Member Gets 87 Months In Prison For Jan 6. RiotsLongest Sentence UP TO NOW


Guy Reffitt, a recruiter for the far-right Texas Three Percenters militia group who prosecutors say brought a semiautomatic pistol and zip ties to the January 6 Capitol attack, was sentenced to 87 months in prison on Monday, in accordance with multiple reports, marking the longest sentence up to now out greater than 175 Capitol riot defendants.

Pro-Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol carrying out a rally with former President Donald Trump.

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U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich imposed a significantly less severe sentence compared to the 15 years sought by the Justice Department, which alleged Reffitt planned to employ a firearm and zip ties to forcibly remove lawmakers from the Capitol and dominate Congress.

Freidrich, who was simply appointed by former President Donald Trump, denied a request from the Justice Department to use a terrorism enhancement to Reffitts sentencingwhich would effectively rule his behavior constituted domestic terrorismbecause she said it could create a sentence a lot more harsh than those for other January 6 defendants, a few of whom were charged with assaulting police, in accordance with Politico.

Through the sentencing Monday, Reffitt told the judge he fed up, adding he wished to make multiple apologies and called himself an idiot, according to NBC News.

The sentencing comes five months after Reffittwho was the to begin with Capitol rioters to stand trial for his involvement in the insurrectionwas found guilty of five felony counts in March, including transporting a firearm in furtherance of a civil disorder, obstruction of the official proceeding, entering or remaining in a restricted area or grounds with a firearm and and obstructing officers throughout a civil disorder.

Key Background

Prosecutors allege Reffitt played a central role in guiding a mob and overwhelming officers on January 6. In addition they allege Reffitt texted friends about plans to drag House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) along with other lawmakers from the Capitol. After cops sprayed Reffitt with pepper spray, he ultimately didn’t enter the Capitol building, but encouraged others to take action, in accordance with authorities. During Reffitts trial in March, prosecutors shared texts, audio recordings from Reffitts son and also video footage taken by Reffitt through the insurrection where he said he wished to see Pelosi’s head hit every fing stair along the way from the Capitol. Reffitts attorney asked for just two years in prison, arguing the defendant didn’t commit any acts of violence and had no criminal background. Reffitts sentence comes weekly after Mark Pondera man who admitted to assaulting cops on January 6became the second defendant to get 63 months in prison, that was the longest sentence for Capitol rioters at that time. Robert Palmer, who allegedly threw a fire extinguisher along with other objects at police, was also sentenced to 63 months last December.


Reffitt was arrested in January 2021 after his 19-year-old son, Jackson, submitted a tip to the FBI about his fathers plans for the riots. Jackson testified during his fathers trial in March that his dad had threatened his children never to turn him in, saying should they did, they might be traitor[s] and traitors get shot. Jackson also shared recordings where his father admitted to bringing a firearm to the Capitol.

Big Number

A lot more than 800. Thats just how many have already been charged up to now because of their alleged involvement in the January 6 riots. A lot more than 200 defendants have pleaded guilty to misdemeanor and felony charges.

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