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THAT IS Probably Harmful to Former President Trump: The DOJ WILL NOT Look like F–king Around

Last month we learned that Donald Trumps attorneys are organizing for criminal charges from the Department of Justice, an attempt that ramped up in the wake of former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinsons damning testimony prior to the January 6 committee. It will be career malpractice never to, a source acquainted with the problem told Rolling Stone. Do the [former] presidents attorneys believe everything Cassidy said? No. Do they think the Department of Justice will be smart to charge him? No. But weve reached a spot where in the event that you dont think criminal charges are in least somewhat likely, you aren’t serving the [former] presidents needs. And while its likely the DOJ could decline to indict the former guy, recent developments suggest he could not get that lucky.

On Tuesday, ABC News reported that in a dramatic increase in the Justice Departments investigation of the plot to overturn the 2020 election and the violent insurrection that followed, the department had subpoenaed Pat Cipollone, White House counsel through the Trump administration. Not only is it the highest-ranking person in the White House staff to possess been called to testify by the feds up to now, Cipollone was in the West Wing while Trumps supporters, egged on by the then commander in chief at the Stop the Steal rally, attacked the Capitol. As THE BRAND NEW York Times notes, Cipollone also attended several meetings in the run-up to the riot where Mr. Trump and his allies discussed how they might overturn the election and keep him in office. In a previously taped recording that aired through the final January 6 hearing of the summertime, Cipollone told the panel he believed the president must have done more to call off the angry mob. I believe I was pretty clear there would have to be an instantaneous and forceful response, statement, public statement, that folks have to leave the Capitol now, he said. Cipollone also knew of Trumps need to seize voting machines, which he dubbed an awful idea for the united states, not how exactly we do things in the usa, then one the administration had no legal authority to accomplish. Of Trumps tweet attacking Mike Pence because the violence was unfolding and Secret Service members thought these were likely to lose their lives, Cipollone told the panel:

Giving an answer to the news headlines of the Cipollone subpoena, Representative Adam Kinzinger, among the two Republicans on the January 6 panel, told CNN it didnt look best for Trump. He added: Well see where this goes, but there is absolutely no doubt that investigation is rolling out further along than even where we knew it had been or thought it had been some time ago.

On Thursday, CNN reported that Trumps legal team is is in direct communication with Justice Department officials, with the conversations focused mostly on whether any communications that witnesses from the Trump West Wing had with the former president could be kept from the federal criminal grand jury under Trumps claims of executive privilege. For instance, his conversations with Cipollone. Sources told CNN Trumps lawyers have warned him criminal charges are possible, echoing Rolling Stones reporting.

The escalation of the DOJs investigation comes just over weekly after it had been revealed that Marc ShortandGreg Jacob,two former top aides to Mike Pence, have beeninterviewedby way of a grand jury investigating the plot to overturn the election and the attack on the Capitol. Not only is it able to talk with the threat to Pences life on January 6Short was at the Capitol with the V.P. that daythe former chief of staff was also present at the Oval Office meeting on January 4, 2021, where attorneyJohn Eastmanpressuredthe V.P. to either suspend the Electoral College vote count and have willing state legislatures to reexamine their results, or just rejectJoe Bidens win outright. It had been throughout that meeting that Eastman reportedly admitted he knew such ideas were illegal, but told Pence, with the president listening, to go with them anyway. Jacob, Pences chief lawyer, was at that meeting aswell. In March, a federal judgewrotethat Eastman and Trump more than likely committed a crime in wanting to overturn the election, and noted that the illegality of the program was obvious.

In other news re: Trumps legal peril, his allies in Georgia are reportedly mounting a campaign to recall Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis over her investigation in to the then presidents attempts to overturn the outcomes of the 2020 election. While conceding that the probability of an effective recall are low, a source acquainted with your time and effort told Yahoo News that thats next to the point, as Michael Isikoff writes, the goal is to utilize the recall campaign in an effort to politically damage the Democratic district attorney, portraying her as a partisan actor who’s ignoring soaring crime rates in Atlanta to be able to target high-profile Republicans. Isikoff adds, A side good thing about that idea, another source acquainted with the campaign said, would be to potentially influence a jury pool later on should an incident against Trump head to trial. Quite simply, theyre scared shitless.

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