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That Life-Size Lucario Plush Is Finally OBTAINABLE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM

Lucario - Pokémon Center
Image: Pokmon Center, The Pokmon Company

(Update 2: Thu 11th Aug, 2022 20: 30 BST) British folks, our time has finally come. If you are based in the united kingdom, you will get your grubby mitts on the life-size Lucario from the Pokmon Center site for just 360. A bloody bargain for 47 inches of Lucario, mate.

(Update 1: Tue 23rd Nov, 2021 15: 15 GMT) In what is an extremely welcome surprise, the incredible life-size Lucario plush can be going to be accessible from Pokmon’s official stores in america and Canada.

Pre-orders are currently available at $419.99, with shipping expected in April 2022.

INITIAL ARTICLE (Fri 19th Nov, 2021 11: 30 GMT): With regards to Pokmon merch, nowhere has it as effective as Japan. Previously we’ve seen an enormous Snorlax plush that doubles up as a bed, an excellent human-sized Metapod cocoon that’s ideal for jumping inside and being sad, and today we’ve a life-size Lucario that may apparently assist you to do the washing up. It’s not fair.

The Lucario, which measures exactly 1.2m tall (its exact measurement in the state Pokdex), happens to be up for pre-order on Pokmon’s official Japanese store. They’re being designed to order for a restricted time, nevertheless, you can only keep these things shipped to a Japanese address if you are lucky enough to call home in Japan, it is possible to order one now for 46,200 yen (roughly $405 / 302). That’s… pricey, however, not as expensive since it might have been?

To market the product, or simply melt our hearts, The Pokmon Company has shared the next images of how you might like to spend time with Lucario. We don’t possess one, and can’t get one, but we’re already in love.

Lucario - Pokémon Center
Image: Pokmon Center, The Pokmon Company

Are you aware anyone surviving in Japan? Think it is possible to persuade them to carry onto one of these brilliant for you personally? We may just go right ahead and move there, in all honesty…

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