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The 10 Best Chris Evans Movies ever

From leading romantic comedies to thrillers, dramas, and also animated features its clear that no Hollywood casting director can put Chris Evans in a box.

Through the span of his varied two-decade career, Evans has played a drug addict, an astronaut, a vengeful ex-boyfriend, a villainous playboy, and a foster dad. Now, on the heels of his latest roles in Netflixs action-thriller The Gray Man and Pixars Lightyear, we figured it will be an enjoyable experience to revisit a few of the actors best work.

THE VERY BEST Chris Evans Movies

10. Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

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Not used to the Hollywood scene, Evans played his first loveable schmuck role as Jake Wyler in Not Another Teen Movie. In the movie, Wyler may be the popular senior high school jock with the seemingly perfect life and perfect cheerleader girlfriend until, needless to say, the schools most unpopular (but smart!) girl undergoes a makeover that redirects the favorite jocks attention. Written purposefully as a parody of other popular teen romantic comedies like Pretty in Pink, American Pie, and 10 Things I Hate About You, Evanss capability to be douchey and charming at this time of his early career may be the perfect beginning for his eventual roles because the main character in other romantic comedies like Whats Your Number.

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9. Cellular (2004)

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Evans helmed his first action-thriller role in the movie Cellular. The story follows an unsuspecting man named Ryan (Evans) as he races through the streets of LA uncovering LAPD corruption and crime rings after he receives a telephone call from the kidnapped woman (Kim Bassinger.) Without critically favored, it really is great to see Evans first foray in to the action genre as he assumes a far more serious persona.

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8. Scott Pilgrim vs THE PLANET (2010)

Where you can watch: Hulu, Roku, Amazon Prime Video

Prepare to have the wrath of the league of evil exes. In Scott Pilgrim vs THE PLANET, Evans plays Lucas Lee, an overconfident action star and overzealous ex who aims to destroy the life span of the titular Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) after discovering hes been dating his former middle school girlfriend (Mary Elizabeth Winstead.) Though Evans briefly appears in the movie, his characters wacky bravado and sweet skateboarding antics have packed a fairly big punch in Evans iconic filmography.

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7. Puncture (2011)

Where you can watch: Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, Tubi

In Puncture, Evans assumes his first biopic role because the late lawyer Mike Weiss who struggled Big Pharma to make sure that doctors and nurses get access to safe single-use syringes in hospitals. Puncture can be an uneven film, nonetheless it offers Evans one of is own most complex roles, portraying a troubled and passionate amateur lawyer who struggled with major addiction. Released exactly the same year as Captain America: THE INITIAL Avenger, this film further showcases Evans range in powerful performances regardless of the topic.

6. Whats Your Number? (2011)

Where you can watch: YouTube, Apple TV+, Amazon.

If youre searching for an upgrade from Evans romantic role in Not Another Teen Movie, then Whats Your Number is certainly for you personally. The plots premise focuses on Ally Darling (Anna Farris), a quirky thirty-something who enlists the aid of her hot neighbor Colin Shea (Evans) to locate her ex-boyfriends because of her outdated sexual insecurities. Its a goofy situation, and paired with the comedic prowess of Farris, the movie also includes among Evans most underrated, silly, and best romantic lead roles up to now. The very best part concerning this film is that it purposefully banks on the self-awareness of Evans physical attributes, allowing more of his innate comedic ability and natural charm to shine through during vulnerable moments.

5. Snowpiercer (2013)

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Snakes on a plane? Think about Chris on a train? In South Korean writer-director Bong Joon Hos political sci-fi thriller Snowpiercer, the fate of lower-class rebels rests in Curtis Everett’s (Evans) hands. The entire year is 2031 and humans have didn’t stabilize the consequences of climate change, leaving the final remaining humans to produce a semi-functioning society on a train that endlessly circles the frozen earth. The train comes with an unfair social hierarchy, with wealthy folks riding in luxury cars located at the front end of the train, while low-income individuals are crammed in the trunk. All hell breaks loose when Everett shepherds his team of rebels to leading of the train, uncovering dark secrets along the way. Like Captain America, Everett includes a distaste for societal injustice that Evans plays with strong emotional vulnerability. Because of Snowpiercers R-rating, however, the grit and anger that Evans conjures because of this role really shine through. Its a one-way ticket to a kickass performance that you dont desire to miss.

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4. Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014)

Where you can watch: Disney+

Captain America: Winter Soldier takes the unshakably self-assured hero down a dark path as he struggles to reconnect along with his best-friend-turned-HYDRA-assassin Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). On the way, Cap finds himself at odds with the unjust policies of the federal government he once held in high regard. In a callback to a promise he designed to Bucky in his first film (Im with you til the finish of the line), Evans does a heartbreakingly good job at portraying Caps fierce loyalty to his friends even though theyve gone too much off the deep end. Oh, and when we’re able to give Evans an award simply for that super cool elevator fight scene alone, we’d.

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3. Gifted (2017)

Where you can watch: Youtube, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video

Gifted is really a sentimental film that completely removes Evans from his usual elements in the action and romantic comedy genres. Evans plays Frank, a guy looking after his prodigy niece (McKenna Grace) who’s then taken right into a taxing custody struggle with their own mother. Its a whole tear-jerker that showcases a softer paternal side to Evans as he uses his range to provide a tender performance that doesnt stray too much into melodrama.

2. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Where you can watch: Disney+

After nearly ten years of harrowing battles, tremendous losses, and the casual win, Evans portrays Captain Americas last hurrah with the Avengers gracefully. In this ambitious and encapsulating end to the Avengers franchise, Evans can maximize his minimal screentime by hitting important emotional character beats with heart. From his team-up with Spider-Man (who he affectionately identifies as Queens), his wielding of Mjolnir, his overcome Thanos, to his final attempt at getting one last dance along with his real love Peggy Carter, Evans ability go from fear to failure to courage produces an emotionally resonant watch. We dare you never to cry by the end as elderly Cap reflects in tender earnestness on his life before passing his iconic shield to Falcon.

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1. Knives Out (2019)

Where you can watch: Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Apple

In his best role up to now, Evans deposit the shield and found the knife in Rian Johnsons delightful murder-mystery film Knives Out. Cast because the devilishly handsome and wealthy family outcast Ransom Drysdale, Evans impressive selection of talents are on display as he goes from charismatic charmer to a calculating cold-blooded killer. Under Johnsons clever witticisms and dark comedy, Evans capability to portray your descent into madness after playing the hero for such a long time makes this performance incredibly fun to view. Out of a stacked cast which includes Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Daniel Craig, Toni Collete, and Ana de Armas, Evans seductively sly performance takes the cake. Or should we say, the donut hole?

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