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The 12 best movies and shows leaving Netflix in September

Eventually, every licensed show and movie leaves Netflix. A number of these departures are temporary, however, many arent, like when ANY OFFICE left Netflix in 2021. With so many streaming services in the marketplace, licensing deals are virtually impossible to track. Thats why we do our far better warn you before stellar content leaves Netflix. For instance, this September, there are many notable movies and shows leaving Netflix.

Best movies and shows leaving Netflix in September

Here are the 12 best movies and shows leaving Netflix in September 2022. That is obviously a subjective list, but there are several real gems here worth watching:

  1. The Vampire Diaries: Seasons 1-8 | Leaving September 3
  2. Nightcrawler | Leaving September 9
  3. How exactly to Train Your Dragon 2 | Leaving September 10
  4. Saved by the Bell: Seasons 1-6 | Leaving September 14
  5. Blade Runner: THE ULTIMATE Cut | Leaving September 25
  6. Blade Runner 2049 | Leaving September 25
  7. Gotham: Seasons 1-5 | Leaving September 29
  8. Boogie Nights | Leaving September 30
  9. I’M Legend | Leaving September 30
  10. Insidious | Leaving September 30
  11. Mean Girls | Leaving September 30
  12. Old School | Leaving September 30

If youre in the mood for explosive sci-fi action, Netflix has you covered with Blade Runner, its sequel, and I’M Legend. These three movies explore dystopian futures, ask tough questions, and star a few of the biggest names in Hollywood at that time.

In the event that you would prefer to laugh than think, some legendary comedies are departing the following month as well. By the end of the month, Boogie Nights, Mean Girls, and Old School are being removed on a single day. Shockingly, all three movies still endure relatively well, given how old they are, if you havent seen them in some time, it may be time for a rewatch.

Thankfully, there arent way too many shows leaving Netflix in September, however the ones which are might sting a little. First up is The Vampire Diaries on September 3 which ran for eight seasons on The CW, carrying out a senior high school girl who falls deeply in love with a vampire (or two).

Netflix can be dumping the Batman prequel series, Gotham, and the classic early 90s sitcom Saved by the Bell. If youre likely to binge these shows, youll have to start soon, because all three lasted for at the very least five seasons and 100 episodes.

Once youve had your fill of content leaving Netflix, have a look at the entire set of movies, shows, and specials arriving at Netflix in September.

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