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The 14 Best Meal Prep Containers for Keeping Food Fresh

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Meal prepping, unlike most trendy things you see on social media marketing, is actually advisable.

That’s because meal prepthe strategy of batch-preparing all your meals for the week in a single daymakes eating easier you throughout your more stressful days of the week. Yes, you need to have a few hours 1 day cooking up a lot of food (and, okay, performing a more-than-average level of dishes), but all you need to accomplish for another five-ish days is reheat and eat those mealsif you need to reheat them at all.

Meal prep takes the guesswork out of menu planning, prevents you from straying from your own diet, and may save time through the week to accomplish other fun items that isn’t cooking.

Having said that meal prepping may also be challenging, specifically for beginners. Cooking 14-plus meals for the week can look like a daunting tasknot to say hitting up the supermarket for several that food. That is clearly a lot of amount of time in the supermarket and in your kitchen.

That is why it is critical to have the proper plan and the proper tools.

Among the best places to start out is with the proper meal prep storage containers. You do not want everything you store your meal in a container that leaks all around the fridge or spill once you take your carefully prepared healthy meals to work.

Except that we now have so many choices (way too many, actually). You may prefer glass over plastic, or you may want a container with multiple compartments for portion control. Maybe color is essential for you.

There are a great number of high-quality meal prep storage containers, that is never a negative thing, but we at the very least wished to narrow things down for you personally. These 14 highly-reviewed containers have all proven themselves to help keep food fresh while remaining leak-proof, oven and microwave safe, and spill-free.

Then, after you have found the proper meal prep containers, it’s time for the fun part: filling them with nutritious, delicious food.

1Brilliance Storage 14-Piece Plastic Lids

4Meal Prep STAINLESS Mixing Bowls Set

5Glass Meal Prep Containers

624-Piece Glass Food Storage Containers Set


9Glass Meal Prep Containers

10Glass Meal Prep Containers

11Meal Prep Storage Containers

1250-Pack Plastic Microwavable Food Containers

13Glass Rectangular and Round Container Set

14Bento Lunch Box Food Container Storage Set

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