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The 4 must-watch Apple TV Plus series (September 2022)

Apples Netflix-like streaming service Apple TV Plus has arguably taken its biggest revolution this year, when it comes to recognition and appreciation of what its attempting to achieve in a manner that has largely eluded this most boutique of streamers since its 2019 launch.

Earlier this season, for instance, we saw Apple TV Plus become the initial streamer to win a Best Picture Oscar (for Coda), beating Netflix to the punch. The service, that you can join here, also had a good showing at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards yesterday evening, with nine Emmy wins altogether for shows like Ted Lasso and Severance. Whats more, new data demonstrates Apples global market share for the service is pretty near overtaking HBO Max.

Apple TV Plus shows 2022

Granted, the Apple TV Plus library continues to be pretty thin, when compared to bulging pile of content available from rivals like Netflix. But at $4.99/month, with a 7-day trial offer (or 90 days free, once you purchase a new eligible Apple device as an iPhone 14), price shouldnt really be a concern here. Its just a matter of whether youll have the ability to find enough quality shows to view to create an Apple TV Plus subscription worth your while.

Sufficient reason for that at heart, youll find some recommendations in this article that ought to definitely assist in that regard.

Apple TV+ logo
Apple TV Plus won nine Emmy awards on Monday, September 12. Image source: Apple

The film side of the streamer, we have to note, is lighter on content in comparison to its fast-growing library of original Television shows. Nevertheless, you can find certainly some gems found among Apples films, like Tom Hanks WWII drama Greyhound. The Sundance charmer Cha Cha Real Smooth is another.

Having said that, lets have a closer look at four Apple TV Plus demonstrates are absolute must-watches, which likewise have wowed both critics and fans.


Because the third quarter of 2022 winds down, Im already sure that this multigenerational, multi-language drama from Apple in line with the 2017 novel of exactly the same name from Min Jin Lee will undoubtedly be on my year-end best TV of 2022 list. And it’ll oftimes be right close to the top, at that.

a man and a woman prepare to kiss, standing close together
A scene from the Apple TV Plus series Pachinko. Image source: Apple

Epic in scope and intimate in tone, the iPhone maker explains concerning this Apple TV Plus standout, the story begins with a forbidden love and crescendos right into a sweeping saga that journeys between Korea, Japan, and America to inform an unforgettable story of war and peace, love and loss, triumph and reckoning.

The production values listed below are breathtaking and cinematic. And the characters stories hooked me in quite similar way as those on a show like Lost did. Also, keep your eyes open, in Episode 4, for whats been among the best streaming TV moments of the entire year up to now. Its once the character of Solomon, a Korean businessman raised in Japan and educated in the us, dances in the torrential rain to a striking cover of AMONG Days.

Slow Horses

If youre like me and love espionage films, spy novels, and so on, meanwhile, Apples Slow Horses is really a show which will keep you hooked from begin to finish. Its predicated on a 2010 novel of exactly the same name from the great spy novelist Mick Herron and the title, you arrived at find out, is really a tiny disparaging pun. Basically, the show is approximately some sort of outpost for washed-up spies (Slough House) who couldnt cut it in the primary MI5 office. So theyre released to pasture. Theyre the slow horses, since it were.

I understand its challenging being banished from MI5 to my department, Gary Oldmans character Jackson Lamb says at one point in the show. But thats you. Only screw-ups get delivered to Slough House. And Ive surely got to be honest. Dealing with you has been the cheapest point in a disappointing career.

That is mostly of the shows or movies in the genre that displays the inhabitants of the trick world as real people. Much less super-attractive quasi-action heroes, always lucky and smart enough to save lots of your day.

Two more Apple Television shows to look at

For another two titles with this admittedly subjective list, weve got yet another spy series worth watching. Along with Apple TV Plus first indisputable home run hit.


Once you finish watching Slow Horses, this will function as next title on your own Apple TV Plus watch list. As a matter of known fact, Id actually recommend watching Tehran first, once you join the service and so are considering what things to watch. Its that good.

tehran apple tv plus
Niv Sultan as Tamar Rabinyan in the Apple TV Plus spy series Tehran. Image source: Apple

This show has everything I’d like in a spy thriller, be it a movie or TV series. Realism, by means of a seemingly ripped-from-the-headlines plot. Murky allegiances. A flawed protagonist. A chief antagonist whos more of a flesh-and-blood human when compared to a two-dimensional villain. Plus action, and twists that keep you guessing right till the finish.

Heres how Apple summarizes Tehran. An espionage thriller from Fauda writer Moshe Zonder that tells the thrilling story of a Mossad agent who goes deep undercover on a dangerous mission in Tehran that places her and everyone around her in dire jeopardy.

In the show, Mossad hacker/spy Tamar Rabinyan is dropped deep inside Iran into its capital city, actually, because the shows title suggests. Shes there to hack into and disarm the defenses of an Iranian nuclear reactor that the Israelis desire to bomb. Obviously, it goes wrong also it keeps going wrong. As the show, meanwhile, does everything right, and some.

Ted Lasso

That brings us to whats arguably the crown jewel in the Apple TV Plus content library right now.

Ted Lasso is really a sweet, fish-out-of-water comedy in regards to a soccer coach from America whos brought to coach in the united kingdom. And the awards it found at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards this week certainly verify the shows quality and its own preeminence in the Apple TV Plus lineup. They included: Outstanding Comedy Series; Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (for Jason Sudeikis); Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (for Brett Goldstein); and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series (for MJ Delaney).

That Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, incidentally, follows exactly the same award that the show won this past year. Actually, Ted Lasso is the eighth comedy series in the Emmys 74 years to accomplish that repeat. Moreover, the shows second season this season also became probably the most Emmy-winning comedy for the next year in a row.

You dont need to enjoy soccer or, heck, even be a lot of a sports fan at all to understand this winner. It is a show about overcoming adversity, finding inspiration in simple things, and the significance of kindness. The only real show in TV history that may have you attempting to be considered a goldfish (once you learn, you understand).

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