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The 40 Best Sweatpants for Men THAT YOU WILL WANT to Wear THE WHOLE DAY

best sweatpants for men

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UPDATED, HIGH-QUALITY sweatpants have managed to get appropriate to sport the casual style beyond your confines of home or the fitness center. While yesteryears baggy versions were not flattering, todays pants are cut nearer to your body with a tapered leg that creates a more sophisticated silhouette. When you choose to put them on out, youll look totally come up with while still feeling ultra-comfortable.

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If youre wondering how exactly to wear sweatpants beyond your apartment, easy and simple option would be to pair joggers with a slim-fitting T-shirt. Streamlining the shapes could keep you from looking like youre cruising around in your pajamas. Another great option would be to choose luxury sweatpants worn with a casual-yet-tailored flannel or denim over a tee.

  • Amazon’s Choice

    Men’s Jogger Sweatpants Hanes

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  • Most Versatile Sweatpant

    Men’s Fleece SweatpantRicher Poorer

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  • Best Jogger Sweatpant

    Ace SweatpantMack Weldon

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  • PREFERRED Sweatpant

    Cloud PantTravisMathew

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  • Best Eco-Friendly Sweatpant

    TreeFleece Atlas SweatpantTenTree

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The more adventurous in our midst can try dressing a set of stylish sweatpants, preferably in a dark shade, with a T-shirt and blazer, or perhaps a loosely tucked button-down shirt under a denim jacket. Sweats instantly make these looks a bit more casual, in ways thats confident but chill. Another pro tip: When choosing shoes to wear with sweatpants you cant fail with a vintage sneaker, though if youre more decked out at the top, try complimenting your lifestyle with a loafer.

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With one of these styling options, a couple of high-quality sweatpants may take you merely about anywhere, from the creative office with a liberal (or non-existent) dress code to all or any of one’s weekend plans. Have a look at 40 of the greatest sweatpants from a few of the best clothing brands for men it is possible to score now.

Amazon’s Choice

Men’s Jogger Sweatpants

Most Versatile Sweatpant

Men’s Fleece Sweatpant

Best Jogger Sweatpant

Ace Sweatpant


Cloud Pant

Best Eco-Friendly Sweatpant

TreeFleece Atlas Sweatpant

Statement Fleece Sweatpants

PREFERRED Sweatpants

Classic Sweatpant

The Aprs Pant Waffle Heather

Huron Drawstring Sweatpants

LA Tapered Cotton-Jersey Sweatpants

Men’s Athletic Sweatpants

Softloop Terry Sweatpants

Best Sweatpants For Tall Men

Sportswear Club Fleece Joggers

Supersoft Fleece Sweatpant

EverSoft Fleece Elastic Bottom Sweatpants


For days gone by 2 yrs, Men’s Health fashion editors and writers have already been trying and testing a huge selection of the very best sweatpants for men. To narrow down our favorites, we evaluated sweatpants predicated on their durability, comfort, and value. We also considered sweats that had at the very least 1,000 five-star ratings on e-commerce sites we trust.

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Gear and Commerce EditorJohn Thompson may be the Gear and Commerce Editor at Mens Health, where he covers fashion, grooming, gear, and technology.

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