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Everyone who owns an automobile has grappled with worries of it being stolen. Sometimes we forget where it had been parked and immediately jump compared to that conclusion, while other times we just get yourself a sneaky suspicion which has us checking the driveway over and over just to be certain. Automobiles certainly are a significant expense and in lots of places, they’re a complete necessity merely to reach work and back. For a few, the bond to the auto goes deep, as enthusiasts often passionately devote their weekends and further dollars to automotive projects. In a nutshell, we don’t desire to lose our cars. Auto theft is really a scourge that is around so long as the auto itself, though fortunately, we’ve a large number of options and accessories designed to prevent car theft.

Cars are usually stolen for three reasons. They may be stolen and stripped for parts. Another common method would be to steal cars whole and export them to developing nations with scant regulatory authorities. Stolen cars in a few nations can fetch reduced price from the proper buyers. Possibly the most insidious thief may be the person who takes your automobile on a joyride, destroying it on the way. However, in the event that you own the models the following in no particular order you, unfortunately, have an increased chance of being truly a victim because they are the cars thieves are actually searching for.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the U.S.for a lot of the final several decades since its introduction. From its humble roots as a rugged and sturdy work truck, it has evolved right into a workhorse with creature comforts. The newest model offers sophisticated technology and a range of options, including an onboard generator powered by way of a generator that’s stout enough to perform a table saw at a work site. Following the work is performed, the F-150 greets its occupants with supple leather, touchscreen infotainment, and a slew of electronic driving aids. It has come quite a distance.

However, on the decades the truck has been sold, a lot of these have managed to get quite a distance from your home. Ford Authority reportedin July 2022 that the F-150 is among the mostly stolen vehicles in the us. Sadly, provided that a specific vehicle remains the top-selling, it will likely be being among the most stolen. The sheer numbers on the highway make them stick out in statistics. Also, they are easy targets as so most are kept at businesses overnight where that is little activity and fewer eyes to help keep the thieves away.

Honda Civic

While Honda made inroads in to the American market with small and friendly motorcycles accompanied by small and efficient cars, the entrance of the Civic turned Honda into genuine competition for the big three in Detroit. The Civic arrived in 1972 right before an oil crisis occurred, sending fuel costs up sharply and giving American buyers justification to snap up the diminutive, gas-sipping hatchbacks. Once drivers were when driving, their experience with legendary Honda reliability kept them returning to Honda showrooms. The and engineering was so excellent that the CVCC engine didn’t need a catalytic converter as did its American counterparts (via Car and Driver).

Having sold an incredible number of Civics through the years means there are a great number of them inside our driveways and garages. With so many to pick from, thieves are likely to grab what they are able to. It’s what thieves do. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) puts the Civic in its 2020 set of top stolen cars in 41 states. The list will not take into account particular year models, although Motor Biscuit says that of all many Civics roaming the united states, the 1998 model year may be the biggest target. It probably will not help that theft prevention on those cars is weak in comparison to modern vehicles, but their reliability means a lot of them stick to the roads.

Chevrolet Silverado

The rivalry between Ford and Chevy runs deep in the American psyche, with loyal fans of both vying to proclaim truck supremacy because of their brand. That’s all well and good, but thieves don’t may actually care much in any event. In virtually any given year once the F-150 isn’t probably the most stolen vehicle in the united kingdom, the Chevrolet Silverado will take its place (via GM Authority). In addition they swap places for the best-selling vehicle. Being plentiful produces easy pickings and a lot of Silverados are left overnight in desolate industrial districts where thieves prefer to hunt.

Perhaps section of thieves preference for the Chevy trucks is due to their amenities. Just like the F-150, the Silverado has been well-refined through the years. Chevrolet makes a trusted and solid truck so you can get work done while continually upgrading the driving experience to be on par with nice automobiles. Chevy truck options may also be highly versatile and you could order someone to fit your exact needs. If your preferences involve too little pavement, the Silverado ZR2 is ideal. Slashgear spent amount of time in one and found it to become a a lot more than capable beast tackling all types of difficult terrain, all while swaddling the driver in gentle luxury having an impressive selection of tech to improve the drive. The ZR2 are designed for almost anything as long as it remains in the hands.

Honda Accord

With the Honda Accord being among America’s best-selling sedans for several years, it must be no surprise they’re being among the most often kidnapped by nefarious car thieves. Honda brought the Accord to your shores in 1977 and contains been creating a legion of Honda fans since. Coupling good reliability with excellent fuel economy made the automobile a sales success, becoming the initial import to function as best-selling car in the us in 1989. Motor Trendnotes thatHonda started manufacturing the Accord in Ohio in 1988 and the Marysville plant produced all Accords for Honda, including export models sold in Japan.

As great an automobile because the Accord is, not everything is indeed rosy. The NCIB 2020 list puts it at the top ten stolen list in 45 states. Perhaps thieves appreciate reliability aswell. Accords have always been targets for all those attempting to steal them outright, though a fresh plague is descending upon owners lately model cars. USA Todayreportedas recently as 2018 that thieves are targeting Honda Accords and Civics for his or her airbags to resell on the black market. It really is suspected that is targeting cars under recall for the airbag with shops installing stolen ones and submitting fraudulent claims. Estimates claim that around 50,000 airbags are stolen annually. Accord owners should take measures to make sure they don’t become victims as their cars are prime targets.

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is really a top seller that regularly jockeys for position using its Japanese counterpart from Honda. Also known because of its reliability, the Camry is really a favorite among consumers who would like a good and comfortable no-frills car they can depend on. The Camry hasn’t been referred to as probably the most flashy or extravagant car nonetheless it still supplies a good driving experience and handles aswell or much better than most cars in its class. It excels at being adequate. The exception to the adequacy may be the TRD version of the Camry, which gives an exceptionallythrilling, powerful, and engaging ride though this may make it a lot more vunerable to theft, particularly a joyride.

The Toyota Camry turns up in the NICB list in 45 states, on par with the Accord. It might be another victim of its success. There is absolutely no shortage of Camrys to select from in lots of parking lots in the united states in case you are out to improve one. However, Camry owners face another threat from the Accord. It really is among the top cars targeted for catalytic converter theft, in accordance with Car and Driver. This trend is simply as insidious as airbag theft in fact it is overdue for metal recyclers to scrutinize what’s being taken to them and by whom.

Nissan Altima

A far more fresh addition to the Asian commuter car market, the NIssan Altima arrived at dealers in 1993, in accordance withTHE NEWS HEADLINES Wheel. It sits among Nissan’s standard-bearer, the Maxima, and the down-sized Sentra, and contains been around through six generations. It provides more room compared to the compact while being less expensive compared to the full-size sedan. The current Altima is really a solid car that provides plentiful amenities for an automobile in its class and the retail price sits at around $24,000, so it’s a good value for a reliable ride when you can keep it.

Other nameplates have already been around longer, selling more units compared to the Altima, yet it places in the very best ten stolen cars in 34 states, based on the NICB. It really is hard to pinpoint why is this a favorite car to take, but Japanese cars do look like popular among thieves.

Honda CR-V

The CR-V made its first appearancein the ’90s and, at that time, looked as though it had been the Civic’s your government. Being heavily in line with the Civic platform, it is a reasonable inference. In addition, it appeared at the same time once the shift to SUVs and crossovers was completely swing. Motor Trendtells us it continued sale in the U.S. with the 1997 model year, though it debuted elsewhere in 1995. Though it rode high just like a truck or SUV, the CR-V is front-wheel-drive and contains a monocoque chassis, unlike the favorite Explorer, Cherokee, and S10 Blazer that dominated the marketplace at that time. It was the start of what had become referred to as the crossover.

Being truly a crossover doesn’t stop it from getting lifted. The CR-V sits in the very best ten most stolen vehicles in 18 states. It could have lower stats for theft than its Accor and Civic stablemates, nonetheless it has also experienced production a fraction of that time period. Regardless, this is a good notion to help keep it secure, especially since it is another popular target for converter theft.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla may be the best-selling nameplate worldwide, having sold a lot more than 50 million cars since its 1966 debut. Corolla is one of the longest-running nameplates in the auto industry and contains been known to be a plucky little car that’s good on fuel and utterly dependable. Toyota saw immediate success with this particular car so that it surpassed the VW Beetle in sales by 1974, in accordance withToyota Magazine UK. Toyota partnered with GM to create the Toyota stateside using its rebadged twin, the Chevrolet Nova. The partnership turned GM’s worst-performing plant into its best by implementing Toyota production standards, in accordance with a post on Medium.

While Corollas round the country continue their relatively trouble-free driving every year, also, they are being ripped from caring homes and delivered to far-off lands and unscrupulous scrapyards. In the NICBN set of top stolen cars, Corolla turns up in 27. Furthermore, it really is another car that’s targeted because of its converter. Curiously, police in the Dallas suburb of Frisco saw a string of police reports of wheels being stolen from Toyota Corollas. During the report from WFAA news, the authorities had at the very least six reports, all for exactly the same model car. In the event that you own a Corolla, keep a detailed eye onto it.

Chevrolet Malibu

Malibu is among the longest-running nameplates for an American carmaker. It’s been around on / off since 1964 when it had been affixed to a completely optioned Chevelle. It later turn into a stand-alone model for a number of generations, though it continued hiatus from 1983 through 1997, when it had been revived for a fresh front-wheel-drive platform (via Motor Trend). Although early Malibus were tire-shredding muscle cars, the present day car is among Chevrolet’s standard sedans, and contains been an excellent seller and remains mostly of the sedans still made by American firms.

As the current generation of Malibu is really a fine vehicle the2016modelreceivedrelatively high marks Malibu lands on the NICB list in 27 states. The NICB list will not offer known reasons for cars being stolen, however the high production numbers mean you can find simply more to select from. Malibus may also be an excellent seller for Chevrolet fleet vehicles, often for sale to rental companies, government agencies, and companies that maintain a fleet of cars for business use. These cars tend to be stored in places that provide cover to thieves.

Another threat to Malibu owners reported by GM authority may be the targeting of the cars because of their airbags. Thieves will break the trunk window in order to avoid tripping the alarm and take away the whole wheel because of its airbag. News such as this makes it feel like nobody is safe from learning to be a victim, a disheartening feeling.

Dodge Ram

Ram 1500

Paul Warner/Getty Images

Just like the Ford and Chevrolet pickups, the Ram is really a top-selling vehicle in THE UNITED STATES (via Hot Cars). Dodge’s first foray into truck production happened during WWI when supplying vehicles to the war effort. The Ram moniker may be the oldest on the list of cars in this post, having been first utilized by Dodge in 1921. It has since been a staple of work trucks in america and continues today, though it has since been spun off right into a stand-alone brand referred to as Ram and is not any longer a Dodge model (via Allpar).

Trucks are prime targets for thieves. Ram trucks will always be slightly behind Ford and Chevy in sales, but you may still find an incredible number of them on the roads, making them prime pickings for nefarious characters. Trucks will be a target, even though they’re still at the factory waiting to be shipped to dealers, where Autoblog reported that thefts have already been increasing. This reinforces the idea that security equipment will probably be worth investing in, if the truck is for personal or business use. Regardless of what you do to safeguard your premises, there will be those ready to cheat, lie, and steal to go on it. We should remain vigilant and deny them the chance however possible.

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